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Ballymaloe Jalapeno Pepper Relish Is Nearly Better Than Ballymaloe Original Relish

Beef TacoPhoto Joleen Cronin

Beef TacoPhoto Joleen Cronin

Can you handle the heat? Are you ready for a taste explosion?

The people who bring you Ballymaloe Original Relish are proud to announce the arrival of their New Hotter Recipe Jalapeno Pepper Relish, set to tantalise taste buds across the nation!

Ballymaloe Foods was set up in 1990 by Yasmin Hyde, daughter of Myrtle Allen.

Using traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients, they have been producing sauces and relishes for over two decades. With a rich tomato base and a fiery kick from the jalapenos, this versatile and delicious relish is made using all natural ingredients, is suitable for vegetarians and is also gluten free, making it the perfect accompaniment to any dish. If you are looking for a relish with a bit more bite, make sure to give it a try.


Why not stir it into any tomato based sauce such as a Sheppard’s Pie or a Bolognese to warm up a chilly autumn evening?

Ballymaloe Jalapeno Pepper Relish adds flare and flame to any sandwich, burger, wrap or even a taco, Olé! Impress your friends with a spicy Mary-Rose sauce simply mix equal amounts of Jalapeno Pepper Relish into mayonnaise, the perfect dip for chicken or fish goujons.

Available in supermarkets nationwide, this fiery relish is guaranteed to bring the heat to any meal!


Follow the recipe below for Beef Tacos with Crunchy Coriander Salad and Ballymaloe Jalapeno Pepper Relish


(Serves 2)

250g / 8oz strip of Beef

4 soft corn tortillas

180g shredded savoy or purple cabbage

2 scallions halved and cut finely lengthwise

1/2 small red onion cut finely into half moons

4 radishes cut thinly

20g coriander

1 lime

2 tbsp of Ballymaloe Jalapeno Pepper Relish

Salt and pepper

Marinate the beef in advance with some olive oil, salt and pepper and refrigerate. When ready allow the beef to come to room temperature before cooking. Heat a griddle pan until hot and then add the beef. Cook 3-4 minutes per side depending on thickness for medium rare. When cooked remove from the pan and allow to stand for about 10 minutes.

Prepare your salad by mixing the shredded cabbage, scallion, red onion and coriander and radish together. Heat the corn tortilla in the oven or on a pan. Squeeze lime juice over the salad and a little salt and pepper to taste. To assemble the tacos, add the crunchy coriander salad, slices of beef and top with Ballymaloe Jalapeno Relish.

For an extra authentic taste, add some Crème fraiche and Guacamole on the side!



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