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THE BEAUTY OF BUSINESS: Jane Swarbrigg from Inglot Makeup

They’re the beauty-obsessed women who are leading the way in the Irish cosmetic industry today. They dreamed big, worked hard and now they are reaping the rewards as their beauty brands continue to thrive. From hair extensions guru and make-up expert to anti-aging advocate and teeth whitening duo, find out how these inspiring women got their start as entrepreneurs, next up we have Jane Swarbrigg from Inglot makeup.

Make-up is one of the biggest and most accessible feel-good factors for women, and someone who knew this all too well is Jane Swarbrigg, Managing Director of Inglot.

A global brand famed for its colourful palettes, statement lip shades and expert foundation, Jane spotted its potential with Irish customers. Eight years after launching in Liffey Valley, she is preparing to open her 15th Irish store, as well as managing a successful online store and 250 staff .

But Jane has no plans to slow down, revealing they have just been o ered the exclusive contract for Inglot UK. “I think when you enjoy what you do so much, it is part of what drives you,” she says.

Growing up with a mother who was responsible for introducing brands like Vero Moda, Aldo shoes and Jack & Jones to Ireland, it is no surprise that Jane was destined for an entrepreneurial life. “It is in the blood,” she admits.

Indeed, Inglot Ireland is very much a family a air with Jane running the business alongside her mother and brother. Her dad has also been a great support. “We all know if we have tough days, we can rely on each other,” she says. “We also all work in different departments and then we come together for the big decisions. I would be cautious but because there are three of us that make the decisions we balance each other out a bit.”

Jane started Inglot Ireland during the recession in 2009, after seeking out new business opportunities to launch back home during her travels in Australia. She admits it was a risk, especially as a newcomer to the make-up industry, but ultimately the gamble paid dividends.

“I actually did a make-up course in the process of opening Inglot so that was secondary for me. But having a business head stood to us because we hired such amazing teams who taught me so much about make-up over the years, and because we always had the business mind, that helped grow the business.”

It was also that business brain that enabled Jane to spot the huge opportunity Ingot offered. “There are certain things that drew us to Inglot,” she explains. “The product is phenomenal, the Inglot production department were chemists initially so the quality is just fantastic, you won’t get better. The next thing is the price and value for money. Then the concept of these stand- alone stores… it is being done now, but back in the day it was all counters so we were bringing a new make-up experience to Ireland.”

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Pictures below from right to left, Sabrina Ni Concubhair, Onagh O’Driscoll, Lisa and Vanessa Creaven and Jane Swarbrigg. All will be featured online in the coming days

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