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Beauty salon owner shares warning to people who dye their hair

Beauty salon owner shares warning to people who dye their hair- and it is not pretty.

She cleverly illustrated what using a cheaper shampoo can do to coloured hair.

Via Facebook

Rachel Trach compared a salon shampoo and a drugstore version in a viral Facebook post- it has been viewed five million times.

She starts by pouring each shampoo into separate glasses before adding a lock of brightly coloured hair.

Via Facebook

Next, the glass on the right shows the colour being completely stripped from the hair.

A spokesperson from Unilever told The Sun Online: “The product featured in the video promises to increase volume and lift – it is not formulated to lock in colour.

“For coloured hair, we recommend using a different product from the range which is designed for colour treated hair and keeps hair colour vibrant for up to eight weeks.”

Take a look at the full video below

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