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This Is What A Bikini Model REALLY Eats In A Day

Ever wondered what bikini models eat to keep their bodies looking trim and photo-ready?

21-year-old model Sjana Earp has revealed in a video on her blog exactly what food she has in her daily diet.


With 1.2 million Instagram followers, the model said she is regularly asked about what she eats, and decided to give fans an insight into what the diet of a model is really like.

‘I don’t want people seeing this video and thinking that they should eat this too, or that if they eat what I eat, then they will look like me,’ she said.

Me posting this is not me saying you should eat what I eat. I’m simply showing you what I ate in one day, and maybe it will inspire you to make healthier choices of your own.’


The Australian model shared her daily diet over two days. On day one she started her morning with a raspberry, banana, almond milk, baobab powder, and dates smoothie.

She ate a coconut and Dhal curry for lunch with jasmine rice and had a light dinner of sweet potatoes and vegetables to end the day.


Her snacks during the day included a raw coconut and macadamia bar and a soy chai latte.

Sjana shared her daily diet on YouTube in May, where the video has received almost 30,000 views.

Not a bag of chips or a burger in sight lads…

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