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Blathin’s Beauty: Cocoa Brown Extra Dark

It’s not everyday, you get to visit Monte Carlo, and when you are wedding planning you basically don’t get to visit anywhere outside your own home, so you can imagine the excitement that came with the news that Cocoa Brown were launching their highly anticipated 1 Hour Extra Dark Tan, in the place tanning began, the French Riviera.

From a private helicopter ride into Monte Carlo, a stay in the elegant Hotel Hermitage and a day trip around the French Riviera on a private yacht – it’s safe to say it was the launch of the year.

Chatting to RSVP, Marissa revealed she wanted to launch the tan in France, explaining that was where fake tan originally began.

It was in fact Coco Chanel who made tanning fashionable after she got sunburnt while visiting the French Riviera. Her fans liked the look so much they began to imitate the fashion designer and opted for darker skin tones.
Then in 1927, Jean Patou launched the first suntan oil, “Huile de Chaldee”, to profit from the number of women trying to copy the tanning craze.

While in France, with the promise of some actual sun, we got to trial the tan for ourselves. And fans of the original 1 hour tan will not be disappointed.

The tan is the same formula, it’s easy to apply, absorbs quickly and evenly and as the results develop in 1- 3 hours depending on your required shade, you don’t need to sleep in the tan, a sticking point for many long suffering partners!

If you’re looking for a slightly deeper glow than the original 1 hour, you can simply leave on for one hour to achieve a gorgeous bronze. And if you’re looking for something even more dramatic, then Marissa advises, two hours for an even deeper glow and three hours for full on intense tan.

Another thing to note about the Cocoa Brown tan is that is really does wear off incredibly evenly. I applied the tan for the trip, but just simply applying a body moisturiser after showering, the tan wore off perfectly and evenly with zero exfoliating required, so once you keep your skin nicely hydrated there really is very little maintenance required. A major bonus point for the lazy tanners amongst us!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 hour Tan Extra Dark, €7.95 is available in Cocoa Brown stockists now!

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