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Blathin’s Beauty – What happens AFTER your first set of Hair Extensions


From the moment I had my first set of Great Lengths Extensions applied it was love and I knew I’d struggle without them. My own hair is extremely fine, so even when I do grow it, it’s extremely hard to style.

Extensions not only gave me the length I’d wanted for so long but volume and the ability to actually have the kind of hair I’ve always wanted. My first set of extensions also proved to me, that when looked after correctly there is no risk of damage to your own hair, a common fear expressed by those considering extensions.

Great Lengths advise that you can get 4-6 months of your extensions but if looked after you can get a little more, mine lasted 8 months and were still perfect when removed. My own hair underneath was in fantastic condition and there was absolutely no damage.

But here in lies the crux of Great Lengths, when you’ve had one set, you’ll want another. My hair was left in perfect condition, but I really missed the extensions, yes there was less maintenance without them, but even if I did get my hair done for a big night out, there was no wow factor without them, styles didn’t look as good in my own hair, nor did they hold. I also really missed the volume just for day to day casual styles when you have your hair tied back.

But the real deciding factor was my wedding. I had a look in mind that I wanted, but my stylist advised that my own hair simply wouldn’t hold it the sort of style I wanted. The perfect excuse!

So back to the extensions it was, and once again I had them applied by the award-winning hair stylist Cathriona Rohan. It took just under three hours to transform my hair with a full head of 40cm extensions and the end result was exactly what I wanted, and happily now perfect to start trialling my wedding day hair.

And while with the return of the extensions, comes extra maintenance, it’s nothing unmanageable. In terms of cost, this will vary for everyone and depend on the amount of hair and what length you need. This will all be explained and agreed on in your consultation in advance. They are definitely an investment but a worthwhile one and for me I’m totally hooked.
For more information on Great Lengths’ with Cathriona Rohan, see or call 066 714 4626.

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