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Blathin’s Beauty – Six Months Clear Braces

So it’s official I took the plunge and am now the proud owner of adult braces.

Like many people, I had straight teeth growing up, but then in my adult years, as wisdom teeth started to appear so too did the over-crowding, leading my bottom teeth to really start to bother me.

But again like many people the thought of getting braces just wasn’t for me, I toyed around with the idea, and then when I initially got engaged I toyed around with it some more, but then wussed out again.

However I was increasing conscious, as while when I smiled all was well, but my bottom teeth are more apparent when I’m speaking than my top so I was constantly thinking about that, and when we booked our wedding videographer I decided I just didn’t want to stress about how they might look on my wedding day.

But the final deciding factor was after I went for the consult for the six month clear braces at My Dental, not only would the process be shorter than I thought but with time not on my side with my wedding in September, they advised that they would be able to take my braces off ahead of my wedding and put them back on again afterwards.

This was a huge clincher for me, and an option not everyone is aware off, so if you are putting braces off because you’re worried you don’t have enough time ahead of a big occasion it’s worth discussing this option with your dentist.

Six month braces are ideal for people who just want to fix issues with crooked teeth or overcrowding rather than fixing bite issues, allowing them to be on for a much shorter period of time. With the clear brace options they are also much more discreet than standard braces.

Before Braces

As my issue is primarily with my bottom teeth, I currently just have my bottom set of braces, with the top due to be applied next month, my dentist explained that they rarely apply both together with this option, which actually I was very glad of as it has allowed me to get used to the braces and caring for them before my top set are applied.

With so many adults now investigating braces, the key things people always ask are were they sore and are they obvious.

So first off, having them applied I was extremely nervous and I was expecting the worst to be honest, but it was honestly completely pain free. In the hours afterwards I felt a bit of pressure and discomfort, which was easily managed with painkillers, and after that first day I didn’t need to take any other pain medication.

They are also much more discreet than I even hoped for, and when I went back to work and saw family no one knew I had them until I pointed it out.

The worst part without doubt is food, or rather the lack of. I simply could not figure out how to eat, it was impossible to chew, leading to a mostly liquid diet for a few days.

However within a week I was eating again, though it is definitely not as easy as I remembered. There is a list of foods to avoid, all my favourites incidentally. And meal times now involve cutting my food in tiny pieces. However it has only been two weeks, and I’m assured by other brace wearers that this does get easier.

You’ll also never brush your teeth so often in your life, constantly having to brush and floss after eating to make sure there is nothing in your braces.

Immediately after braces were applied

Two Weeks Into Treatment

However, honestly a few months hassle is a small price to pay for straight teeth and I really can’t see myself regretting this decision. And I’ve already started to see movement, so I’m over the moon it’s finally going to be done and I won’t have to think about it anymore!

So it is worth booking in for a free consultation with My Dental to check if you’re a suitable candidate and have a treatment plan put together.

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