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Body Beautiful with Stylist Marietta Doran

Stylist Marietta Doran gives us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through her average daily diet and exercise routine.

Body Stats

Weight: 63 kg

Height: 5’ 7

Dress Size: 10/12

Marietta Doran

Food diary

BREAKFAST: Porridge and chopped fresh fruit and a little maple syrup.

LUNCH : Homemade soup and two slices of granary bread. DINNER: Grilled fish and lightly blanched mixed vegetables and one roasted potato.

SNACKS: I always carry a selection of mixed nuts (cashew) and fresh fruit (apple and banana).


I love walking in all types of weather as it’s so invigorating. I try to walk where possible; I always have my runners with me as power-walking in high heels is not a good look! I go walking every weekend with my daughter Mia and our doggie FiFi – it’s the simple things in life, really.



Yes, I take multivitamins and an iron supplement.


I do a mixture of both. I am careful of what I eat and I like to do a proper detox every so often.

Biggest Weakness:

Snacking! I travel a lot with work and spend a lot of time in my car so temptation is never far away. I love cappuccinos far too much!


I would like to think I am disciplined, but you’ve also got to live a little.

12/11/13 Catherine Noone and Marietta Doran at the

Expert Opinion:

Hi Marietta,

Firstly we would like to thank you for sending us through your food diary to take a look just in time to start your run through to the spring and summer months. We at Bodybyrne find this a very important time for clients. Whether you have that holiday booked or are just thinking about shaping up, the time is now to start getting your mind and body right.

Scanning through your eating plan, a couple of things jump out straight away. All the foods are natural and not from packaged or processed sources, which is a big plus and such a key to a healthy energising nutrition plan. We are always advising clients to take in fruits and vegetables, as they come packed with key vitamins and minerals, and plenty of fish, due to the power of good fats and the effect they have on our body’s ability to burn fat, and these are all present in your diary.

One thing I find very useful with clients is to ask them some nutrition questions early on when they start training with me, as this gives me a greater understanding of what areas we will need to work on. Along with getting them to write out a food diary, which they will have generally done by session two, the questions I will normally ask are as follows:

  1. How much water are you currently drinking and why, in your opinion, is it important?
  2. What is a carbohydrate and in which foods are they found?
  3. What job has protein got in your body and name some sources?
  4. What’s your understanding of dietary fat and can you name some good sources?

These four questions alone probably account for all I will ever need you to know to achieve success with your diet plan. When you have an understanding of why you are doing something it tends to be a lot easier to follow.

If we took Marietta’s food plan and broke it down into where the calories are coming from, we would see that the majority are coming from carbohydrates. Don’t get me wrong; although her choices are considered healthy foods, it is primarily energy for the body and if we are taking in more energy than we are expending, we all know what happens eventually – trousers get a little tighter, mood and motivation levels begins to drop and soon we have a body that craves sugar and carbohydrates all day and a mind that isn’t up for the fight. So how can we change this?

One of the first ways is to take a source of protein at each meal: eggs for breakfast in place of oats every second day, chicken salad at lunch in place of the bread to go with the soup are a good place to start. Your snacks throughout the day are excellent, Marietta. Stick with the fruits and nuts twice a day. Adding some extra protein will leave you feeling more satisfied throughout your day and keep your craving to a minimum and sugar levels steady, which helps you to burn fat at a higher rate. Drinking water through the day with this change in your diet will have instant effects.

Looking forward to next month’s issue and as always, follow us on twitter for tips @bodybyrne and @markbodybyrne or check out our blog on

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