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Body Beautiful with Vivienne Connolly

Actress and model Vivienne Connolly gives us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through her average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.

Body Stats

Height – 5’ 9

Weight – 9 and a half stone

Dress size – 10


Food diary

Breakfast – Greek yogurt, granola, chia seeds, omega sprinkle and fresh berries

Mid morning – Avocado and prawns with balsamic vinegar

Lunch – Rocket salad with peppers, tomatoes, spring onion, cucumber and nuts and smoked salmon with lemon

Afternoon Snack – Some fruit and a square of chocolate (or two)

Dinner – Fish marinaded in soya, mirin sauce, honey, ginger and coriander (yum), with rice and steamed broccoli

with pine nuts and garlic or asparagus.


I exercise at least four times a week. I like to work out early in the morning, it sets you up for the day. I mix it up; high intensity interval training is great for getting your metabolism going and I also do weight training, circuit and TRX classes. It’s always hard to get motivated in the morning, but once you’ve trained, you’re ready to take on the world!



I take fish oils, everything else I get from my diet.


I don’t believe in diets, I believe in a lifestyle choice, choosing a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet. I detox every now and again. My sister runs a great company called juicedeliverydublin or @juicedeldub, where all your fresh juices are delivered to your door. It takes all the hassle out of juicing. I like to do the 3-day detox but you can customise it to suit yourself. Your skin and eyes sparkle after 3 days, it’s amazing.

Biggest Weakness:

Red wine


Yes I am disciplined, I think it’s good for your brain, plus you appreciate the nice things once the hard work is done.

Vivienne Connolly


Hi Vivienne,

I really like the variety in your daily example, I could not have put it together better. I’d very seldom have a day with that much variety myself and it leads me to a very good point and one I would like to spend a bit of time on. With busy lifestyles, how can we make food that is tasty but does not take hours to prepare and does not have us craving the naughty foods?

I will leave you with some tips I find work well, but first, back to you Vivienne… The fish oils are a great addition to a nutrition plan but I totally agree with you on the supplements – a diet full of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, nuts, seeds and water will give you everything you need. With regards to nutrients, I personally take a multivitamin as a back-up, but could probably get away without it to be honest. Along with vitamin D the fish oils are all you really need.

Touching on what you’ve said with regards to discipline being good for the brain is a great statement and I’d like to mix this in with the exercise plan you have, as I believe the benefits of exercise stretch a lot further than just to burn calories. We’ve all heard about the release of endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’, through exercise and I find this to be the biggest benefit for clients.

Getting that feel good factor totally outweighs the couple of hundred calories you may burn, and in your case Vivienne, training four times a week early in the morning shows you are very disciplined and this is one of the keys to you sustaining your healthy lifestyle without a doubt. I see you enjoy a glass of red wine and have one or two condiments in your fridge that may not totally get the Bodybyrne seal of approval, but once all this is taken in moderation it will never be an issue.

Thanks for letting us take a look inside your fridge and keep up the great work.


  1. Always cook in bulk, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, and make a little bit more for a snack or another meal later on. I often have dinner from the night before as my lunch the next day or the rest of my breakfast omelette as a mid-morning snack with a bit of fruit and a handful of nuts.
  1. We need to remember, food is fuel we eat to live, not live to eat. When taking this approach you begin to see food in a different light. It’s about a switch in your mindset.
  1. Preparation is similar to cooking in bulk, but what I tend to do is every 3 days, I cook up my protein and salad tubs. These are two big tubs of chicken, turkey or beef with colorful salad that is on hand in the fridge and an instant meal. Meats and salads will last in the fridge for 3-5 days and knowing you have this meal on tap will stop you snacking on sugary treats after a long day in work.
  1. Have you got your tools? Ensure this week when shopping you pick up your small containers to bring your meals to work and anything else you may need containers for – the fridge, proper pots and pans, etc. It can be something as small as this that can cause some people to give up! Yes, not having a lunch box can be enough to drive someone to have a chocolate bar!
  1. Have your back up plan. This is for a day when you may not have had time to prepare food for work, which happens to us all. Always know where the local healthiest options are and what meal you will be having there. This saves time and keeps you on track and in the positive mindset.

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