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Body Beautiful – Hayley Rock


This month, Hayley Rock, managing director of Concierge Dublin, gives us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through her average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.

5ft 8inches 9 stone Size 8

Food Diary From An Average Day

8am – Special K (Aldi version, one third of the price and twice as nice)

10am – banana and toast

1pm – couscous with two raw chillies chopped and two slices of toast

3pm – banana

7pm – paprika baked salmon, wholegrain rice and a stir-fry with broccoli, pepper, mushroom, chilli and garlic

9:30pm – tea and two slices of brown bread


Exercise –At the moment, I don’t really do any exercise bar a half hour walk to the office and back every day. I have tried bikram, boxercise and personal training in the past, but I’m finding it really difficult lately to get motivated. I also think when I am fit I need a lot less sleep, at the moment I need nine hours a night so I really need to get back on the healthy train.


Supplements –I take Vivioptal every day. It’s an all round good multi vitamin. It’s good to know if I’m being really bold on a particular day, there’s at least some kind of back up in the system to keep me going.
Diet and Detox –I drink juice quite a bit. I go to Zumo in Stephen’s Green and the staff are brilliant. They don’t even have to ask, they know their customer. I get a carrot, celery, cucumber and wheatgrass juice – it tastes as disgusting as it sounds. I’m all about balance, I’ve never dieted as I am blessed with a fast metabolism, but I try to incorporate good eating habits into my life. I’m no angel though; it wouldn’t be unusual for me to waddle into Abrakebabra after a night on the tiles!
Biggest Weakness –My biggest weakness would be bread – it’s the biggest part of my diet. I have tried to cut back to four slices a day, but realistically it’s more towards the six mark. I managed to give it up for lent two years ago and I lost so much weight.




We ask Mark O’Reilly, who is a member of Paul Byrne’s team, to evaluate Hayley’s diet and exercise patterns.

Hi Hayley,

From looking at your exercise/diet schedule and taking a peek in your fridge, I have a couple of tips that will help you out. But first, here are a couple of things you are doing well: Your eating frequency is excellent – six meals throughout the day help to keep that metabolism high and constantly burning calories. Also, your quality of food in your diary is good; plenty of clean nutritious foods.

Here are a couple of tips to help kick-start your body:

Try to increase your protein intake; meat, fish and eggs are good choices. This will help maintain a lean toned physique. Aim for a minimum of three portions a day.

Decreasing the amount of bread you’re eating and choosing brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, vegetables, apples, pears and berries for your carbohydrate choices will kick-start your body. Your diet consists of most calories coming from carbs, which are primarily used for energy, meaning your body will have to work harder when sleeping to burn them off. This will leave you tired upon waking, hence why you feel you need nine hours sleep.

To kick-start that motivation to exercise again, start with body weight exercises like squats, push ups, lunges, tricep dips, crunches and planks for 10 minutes a day, all which can be done in your home and build on this.

Be wary of things like mayonnaise that are high in calories and fat. Always go light. Ketchups can carry a lot of sugar so I like to make my own with crushed tomatoes that are slow-simmered with onions, garlic, oregano and basil. Use spreads like butter sparingly as they are just fat.

Always try to go for whole fruits as oppose to carton juices. Juices are stripped of fibre which is vital for the body’s digestive system. For more information on fitness go to or Twitter @ bodybyrne

Visit for further information on Concierge Dublin. To contact Hayley, email or call 087-1214548.

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