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Bono Gushes As He Thanks Band Mates For Agreeing To Donate Proceeds Of New Single To His RED Charity

They’ve been together for almost a staggering 40 years, but that doesn’t mean anything goes unappreciated in U2.

And Bono demonstrated this as he expressed his gratitude to fellow band mates The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton for agreeing to donate the proceeds of their new single Invisible to his charity, RED, which works to fight AIDS and HIV.


Speaking to Pat Kenny on Newstalk, Bono gushed:

“Though the band don’t like talking about it they did give €11million to Red and they are very strong on it…I was very delighted and surprised when they agreed to give a sneak peek into the new album to RED.”

Invisible will be available for download for free during the Superbowl final next month, with the Bank of America agreeing to donate $1 for every iTunes download of the song to RED.

Well done, lads. A great gesture for a great cause.

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