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Boy With Autism Who Loves Pugs Gets An Amazing Birthday Surprise

This boy with Autism who loves pugs gets an amazing Birthday surprise.

Andrew, a 14 year old boy, with autism, and his favorite thing in the entire world is pugs.

When he was little, Andrew didn’t have a lot of friends, and so he created a cast of imaginary friends to hang out with, all of whom were pugs according to The Dodo.

Andrew, who’s family always lived in places where dogs weren’t allowed, never got a dog. However, as Andrew’s 14th birthday approached, his sister came up with the amazing idea of a pug-themed party.

“I was speaking to a neighbor a few weeks ago and the subject came up about my brother always getting excited when he bumps into her while she is walking her dog Ziggy,” McKenna Little, Andrew’s sister, told The Dodo.

“At the time, I was thinking about what I should do for his birthday since it was two weeks away, and I thought, ‘I’m going to have a pug party!’ I was just planning on seeing if one of my friends had one and could show up to a little BBQ that my mom and I were going to have at the park on the day of his birthday.”

Little made a Facebook, asking her friends if anyone owned a pug could they bring it along.

According to The Dodo, nobody had RSVP’d, and the birthday was only three days away. However, the most amazing thing happened.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles heard about Andrew’s party and wanted to help. The group shared the party event on its Facebook page. Within hours, over 50 people and their pugs had RSVP’d for Andrew’s special day.

Over 80 pugs and their owners showed up throughout the course of the day for Andrew’s birthday, making him a very happy 14 year old!

“He was in shock,” Little said. “He kept asking ‘Is that a pug?!’ to each dog because he just couldn’t believe his eyes. As if he didn’t believe it was real life. I was so emotional. Everyone there was crying.”

This is such a heartwarming story. We LOVE this.


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