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Bride To Be Loses 7 Stone After Her Fiance Dumps Her For Being ”Too Fat To Marry”

A bride-to-be has lost almost seven stone after she was dumped by her fiance because he said she was too fat to marry him. Pamela Doyle was devastated when her long-term boyfriend told her it was over ahead of their big day at a castle.

After the split she vowed to slim down from 17 stone. Now 10 stone and more confident than ever, her ex can’t believe what he let go of. Pamela from Glasgow, said he was “stunned” by the transformation.

She said: “He ended the relationship because of my weight and the issues surrounding it. It was making him miserable, I wasn’t interacting with him at all. I was devastated but it was just the thing I needed to spur me on to lose weight”.

“When I was 17 stone I had no confidence and I was very unhappy. I used to hide away and I wouldn’t go out. I even did my shopping online because I couldn’t face people. Now I feel amazing. I have regained my confidence and I don’t think my ex could quite believe his eyes when he saw me.”

Call centre worker Pamela and her boyfriend– a serving soldier who she does not want to name – first got together when they were 17, when she was a size 14.

The shock of being ditched forced her to take stock of her life and a terrible diet of curry, burgers, crisps and two litres of soft drinks a day.

She said: “I steadily put on weight throughout my teens and my twenties and things got gradually worse. On a typical day I would have ­macaroni cheese and chips for lunch, snack on crisps and chocolate, then have curry followed by ice cream for tea”.

“I was comfort eating because my boyfriend was in the forces and he was often away for long periods. I would eat large Big Mac meals and drink two litres of fizzy drinks a day. My weight made me feel very depressed. I was moody and when my boyfriend came back from serving abroad, I would hide myself away and not want to go out”.

“He kept on at me about eating healthily and he tried to help me but I was difficult to be with. It wasn’t much fun for my boyfriend. He proposed to me in 2009. I was still about 17 stone then and I made token efforts to control my weight”.

Pamela looks stunning after her dramatic weight loss

Things came to a head as they put plans in place to get married this August at Airth Castle in Stirlingshire. They put down £2000 in deposits on the venue, the band and a piper.

Pamela said: “Last March he came to me and said he wanted to end the relationship. I have to admit I was difficult to be with and I don’t blame him. I was absolutely devastated but it was the spur I needed to finally do something about my weight problem.”

Pamela then decided that it was finally time to do something and look at her now.

What an incredible transformation!

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