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Businesswoman of the Month: Orla Doyle, General Manager, Dr. Hauschka Ireland

With more than half of Irish women opting to use natural beauty products these days, the skincare market here is very competitive indeed. In her general manager role, Orla Doyle is responsible for creating and implementing Dr. Hauschka’s sales and marketing plan to achieve targets. She explains how bloggers have changed the industry, why fake tan guru Marissa Carter is her role model, and the simple routine that never fails to give glowing skin

What’s the most important lesson you have learnt over the course of your career?

Where to start? Learn to listen, it’s all about communication and really to let your team talk. Our Dr. Hauschka team has so many great ideas and they are the ones who are out in the field or constantly on the phones, so it’s about being open to what they have to say rather than trying to influence them on your way of thinking. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it otherwise you are juggling too much at once and something will fall and slip through the cracks.


The beauty market has exploded in recent years, why do you think that is?

I think it really has so much to do with bloggers and online influencers who are sharing their tips and advice on different products. So many consumers will say to us that they saw our skincare routine online as well as how to use the products. With so many people now on Snapchat and Instagram, people really are being influenced to try products and services – and it is so instant.

In a competitive skincare market, how does Dr. Hauschka stand out?

We are certified organic and 100% natural skincare; with so many brands claiming to be organic, we are proud to hold such a high certification from nature and the BDIH. Dr. Hauschka stands out for its fantastic quality, ethical products, beautiful packaging and has stood the test of time. The brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. Also, I think having a quality product with a good history and story behind it is what sets Dr. Hauschka apart from other brands. All of the ingredients come from a biodynamic farm and the manufacturer (Wala) of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products, our company, is a for-profit business held inside a non-profit corporation with no beneficiaries. What this means is that the company can’t be bought or sold by individuals or corporations.


Compared to other nations, do Irish women take care of their skin enough?

We meet so many fabulous women (and men too) while doing in-store events around the country, and we feel that we really have invested in our skin. The Irish organic health and beauty market is predicted to increase by 32% this year with 53% of Irish women using natural products in their skincare routines in the past 12 months. We have seen such a turnaround in Ireland over the past few years with regards healthy lifestyles. So many people are now reading what is on the back of their skincare products just like they do with food; they realise that we need to watch what we are putting onto our bodies too. Research has shown women are more likely to use products with natural ingredients than to use products which are free from certain ingredients, suggesting the importance of highlighting what is included in a product rather than what is excluded. As a nation, we are definitely becoming more aware of what our skin needs and more and more of us are investing in good skincare brands.

What have been the challenges of your time at Dr. Hauschka?

My challenges are probably very similar to most: managing deadlines in a timely fashion; we are a small team so it means everyone works hard to achieve our goals, but the fun side of that is no two days are the same! I have had so many highlights with Dr. Hauschka – I always say it’s a brand of choice as my mother introduced me to the range long before I even worked with the company. When the role came up, I had to apply.

What’s your favourite Dr. Hauschka product and why?

That’s easy, our Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Wash – its zingy, zesty scent is the most uplifting pick-me-up anyone will ever need. It’s so refreshing in the morning especially now the mornings are so dark! In fact, any of our Lemon products for that exact reason!

Who are your business role models?

I recently met Marissa Carter, founder and creator of the Cocoa Brown tanning range, and was so impressed with how business savvy she is – and she’s so lovely too. Her attitude and approach of going for what you want and being the best girl boss you can be really is refreshing and inspiring. Her success is really something to admire.

Are you able to maintain a work/ life balance?

It’s not always easy but I feel very strongly in being as productive as possible when you are in the office so by the time it’s 5.30/6pm you can go home and relax. That said, I have also been known to take work home but there will be certain times of the year that has to be done!

What’s your top skincare tip for readers?

Cleanse, tone and moisturise – it’s simple but your cleansing routine is the most effective approach to healthy and glowing skin.

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