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Businesswoman of the Week: Zara Atherton – Founder, Zara Atherton Design

Specialising in millinery, jewellery, occasion and handmade bridal headwear and wedding accessories, Zara Atherton focuses on offering her clients an extremely personal service.

Her designs embody contemporary and vintage styles, achieving a classical elegance that can be passed down through generations.


What sparked the idea for your business?

Having completed a Masters degree in business, marketing and entrepreneurship, my dream was always to create my own business. I was looking for an opportunity, which I could run alongside my busy schedule with two young children. At the start of 2016 my husband encouraged me to complete a training course in millinery, something that I had been interested in doing for some time. I quickly developed a real passion for creating individual pieces. Soon others saw my hats, headpieces, jewellery and accessories. Word spread and I started to receive calls from friends and family seeking pieces for their own special days. At that point I decided to create a business plan and created my business “Zara Atherton Design”. I have spent the past year developing my company, extending my product offerings, building my customer base and developing relationships with my customers who are at the heart of my business.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own business?

Combining being a full time mother to two wonderful children, as well as running my own business. Its not easy but it is so worthwhile and rewarding. Every day, I rediscover my passion for what I do, my strength in difficult situations and my resilience when there are obstacles.

What has been the biggest lesson?

There are days I am so excited that I can hardly sleep, but there are also days I want to run a mile from it. My biggest lesson is learning to ride the ups and downs. I always try to think of the glass being half full.

What are your plans going forward?

I want to raise awareness of my brand, my services and products. I love that I can offer my clients a one to one service.  As the business grows I still want to maintain the personal touch that I have created with my customers.  Email:


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