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Calum Best Had A Secret Relationship With Kim Kardashian

Now here’s two people we would NEVER have put together…

via Instagram

via Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Calum Best are said to have been in a secret relationship when they were younger.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star are said to have been seeing each other in primary school.

Kim was reportedly introduced to Calum through her stepbrother Brody Jenner years before she became famous, according to Heat Magazine.


A source also told MailOnline: ‘‘They ran around the same set in LA and mostly Malibu. There’s a bit of a Hollywood clique”.

”This was after Kim’s dad died and they would hang out around Bruce Jenner’s Malibu home with their friends”.

Ray J, Calum’s Celebrity Big Brother housemate, was apparently aware of the fling too: ”Ray J knows all about it – he’s met Calum before and they get on really well”.

via Instagram

via Instagram

”Kim and Calum dated when they were a lot younger – they weren’t in the public eye back then”.

We just can’t imagine these two together at all.

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