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We CAN’T BELIEVE Who’s In Ed Sheeran’s Video For ‘Galway Girl’

So yeah, this is literally the best video we have EVER seen.

Ed Sheeran sure does know how to please the Irish, and he’s outdone himself in this incredible new video for ‘Galway Girl’ which see’s a host of Irish stars.

The redhead singer was spotted in Galway a few weeks ago with Saoirse Ronan, driving speculation that she’d be appearing in the video, and as it turns out, she’s the main focus of it.

She’s not the only Irish star in the video though, you’ll see a quick glimpse of Tommy Tiernan, Hector Ó hEochagáin and, Fran and Elmo (AKA actors Peter Coonan and Laurence Kinlan) from Love Hate.

We heard Ed was a fan of Love/Hate a few years ago, and it seems he still is.

We couldn’t love this anymore if we tried!

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