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Great Cars You Can Buy For €10,000 And Under #AskCarzone

Everyone likes to drive a cool car but not everyone had the big budget to buy the newest model of their dream motor. We caught up with Ailish from Carzone again this week and asked her to tell us what we can buy for €10k and under.


‘You can get quality cars for less than €10,000 just always make sure to go for a car with a good service history. Models such as the 2012 Ford Focus are available for less than €10,000 right now on Carzone.  The Volkswagen Golf is another quality car and there are plenty of 2011 models available for less than €10,000 on Carzone.”



The Volkswagen golf was the most popular car searched on the Carzone site last year amoung female drivers, check out Golf under 10K, here or maybe you would prefer a Ford Focus, see them, here. 

Ailish advises us not to buy a car depending on its age when making a purchase. Mileage, service history and general condition of the car are massive factors for how reliable the car will be. In saying that, she believes newer cars are genuinely more reliable.


We all know that having children is not cheap so Carzone offer some great family cars for under 10k.

“The great news is that you have lots of different options at this price range. If you are looking for and SUV-style car you could consider the Nissan Qashqai which has plenty of boot space. If you need extra seats, seven seater models such as the Ford S-Max could be a good option. Another popular option with family buyers is an MPV such as the Citroen C4 Picasso.”

Have you any car related question? Then #AskCarZone  or email us on or tweet us your questions. We have teamed up with the experts in Carzone and Ailish will be answering your questions.

See some of this week’s questions from readers below

Can you get a BMW for under 10k? 

Yes, there’s currently over 700 BMWs under €10,000 for sale on Carzone right now! For example, the BMW 1 Series is a popular family model and you could pick up a 2008 model for less than 10K. If you fancy something sporty, you could consider the BMW 3 Series coupe. If you need something with more space, the BMW X3 is also a good option and worth considering.

BMW 1 Series:here

What is the most popular car for under 10k for women

The most popular cars females are looking for on Carzone at the moment are the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Nissan Qashqai, Opel Astra and the Volkswagen Passat. You can find lots of these models for under €10,000 depending on the age and condition of the car.

Volkswagen Golf: here

Ford Focus:here.

Ailish from Carzone #AskCarzone

Ailish from Carzone #AskCarzone


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