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Celebrity Fit Club: Aoife Cogan Tells Us How She Stays In Shape

Some like to hit the gym or go for a brisk walk, while others do Pilates, go dancing or have personal trainers to keep them motivated and in shape. We find out how the stars like to work up a sweat – and they share their top tips for staying active, relieving stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You’re a big advocate for Reformer Pilates, what’s so good about it?
I first discovered it when I was modelling and I quickly became obsessed with it, leading myself and my husband Gordon to open our very own Reformer Pilates studio called Form School. The benefits are amazing: increased flexibility, major toning of the entire body, keeping your muscles lean and elongated as opposed to bulking up, it also improves posture, increases strength and reduces body fat! I aim to do it three times a weeks, and when I was pregnant I did it twice a week right up to 39 weeks.

As a former model, have you felt pressure over the years to maintain a certain weight?
When I was modelling you needed to be within a certain few dress sizes so yes, staying trim was part of the job. Now that I’ve retired I don’t feel that pressure, I just stay fit and healthy because I enjoy it. After having my two babies, I view my body a lot differently, my focus is more about having the energy to run around after them, so working out and eating healthy is a must.

Are you strict in terms of what you eat?
I don’t diet, or avoid things, everything in moderation, I love my chocolate and treats and would be miserable without them.

Did you ever try any fad diets to lose weight over the years?
No, I never tried any particular diet but when I was modelling, if I had a big fashion show coming up, I would cut out treats altogether for a while before it. Thank goodness that’s not required anymore!

Is there a link between physical and mental wellbeing for you?
Yes 100 per cent, that’s why I adore Reformer Pilates so much. It urges you to focus on breathing and your body and how they move together. This requires a lot of concentration, you can’t zone out, so you are forced to forget about whatever is stressing you out, be it work, bills, boyfriend trouble… all life hassles are parked at the door for an hour, and it’s so important for everyone to calm the busy mind and refocus. I also look after my mind, by going for daily walks with my two babies and our dog Albert. My day is pretty busy with two small children so having these moments is just heaven to let your mind slow down a little.

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