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Celebrity Fit Club: Maura Derrane Opens Up About Her New Training Regime

Some like to hit the gym or go for a brisk walk, while others do Pilates, go dancing or have personal trainers to keep them motivated and in shape. We find out how the stars like to work up a sweat – and they share their top tips for staying active, relieving stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maura Derrane RTE
Picture Clare Keogh

Do you have a regular exercise regime at the minute?
I just started one to be honest. Since I had Cal – he’ll be three in May – I just let all of that slip. Between going back to work and everything else, I ignored making that time for myself and fitness, apart from a bit of walking. I always said I was too busy, but you know, everyone has half an hour in their day somewhere, that’s what I’ve learned and in the last two months. I’ve been with a personal trainer twice a week and I have to say I feel a million times better in every way since I started. I’ve worked with male trainers before and found they pushed me too hard too soon, it completely put me off. This time I’m working with Jennifer Thomas at Jen’s Elite Fitness on South Mall in Cork and I’m enjoying it so much more. I think women understand women’s bodies better than men in my experience. She totally gets what I want. I like to be toned, but I don’t like that very muscular look. When you find the right person to train you it revolutionises it.

Why did you embark on a fitness regime, did you want to lose weight?
No, it was more a fitness thing, it had got to the stage where I wasn’t even moving. I needed to physically get moving, not just for weight and toning, but for my health too. I feel so much better and it really does great things for your head too.

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Diet wise, do you watch what you eat and drink?
I have a sweet tooth and that is my downfall. I became too used to snacking on the go, reaching for a chocolate bar to give me that energy boost. I’ve always started the day well, with porridge or something healthy, but as the day progresses I get worse. Now I’m trying to have a good breakfast, a good lunch and a light evening meal, I am still snacking a little bit. But I don’t feel so guilty because I feel at least I’m working out. And I don’t believe people can be perfect seven days a week, I need my treats, I don’t like the feeling of being restricted. Because in the end you break out and binge eat everything. But even after a few sessions I noticed I had lost inches on my waist and hips and this was without even trying with my diet. So if you do combine the two, which I’m now on a mission to do, I think that’s when everything comes together.

What’s your go-to trick for losing a few pounds quickly if you have something coming up?
I think the obvious thing is to limit your carbohydrates if you are trying to lose weight quickly. If you have something coming up, drop those refined carbohydrate or high sugar foods. I actually have a real interest in food science and I think like most people I have knowledge, but it’s just putting it into practice is the toughest thing.

Did you ever try any of the fad diets, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet?
Of course, who didn’t! The whole Cabbage Soup Diet was huge a few years ago and the thing is, all these diets work. If you’re going to limit a huge number of food groups and drink cabbage soup for a week, yes, you’ll lose half a stone but the problem is that the weight goes on again. Fad diets are impossible to maintain. You are losing fluid, that’s it.

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