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How To Cheer Up Your Dog If They Seem To Be Down

Dogs can become depressed without you even realising it, and sometimes they do need to be cheered up.

A depressed dog is more likely to contract an illness, and if your dog is depressed sometimes he will not be able to get better.

Depression may be an everyday occurrence; some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and will become stressed and depressed every time they realize they are about to be locked away alone.

If your dog is depressed you will most likely see the following signs:

· Sleeping excessively.

· No interest in going for walks.

· No interest in playing with a ball or old toys.

· Eating much less or more than normal.

If you find that your dog is acting unlike themselves, here are some things you can try:

If you can take your dog for a walk in the morning, when the sun is shining, it should help him throughout the day. If this is not something you do set your alarm a half hour earlier in the morning. Your dog´s well being is worth those few minutes of sleep.

Spend extra time with him. As I mentioned above, this should really be walking, even if it is only in the normal times and areas.

Take your dog away to a new place. This needs to be a walk, a long walk if you both can handle it (this is not always easy with a depressed dog), so that he gets plenty of exercise and comes home and sleeps.

Take some special treats with you when you go for a walk. When your dog is playing ball or acting normal praise him lavishly, and give him some of those treats. It is possible that your dog will associate acting normal with rewards. (Using this same logic, you do not want to go up and give him treats when he is acting depressed.)

Bring him home a new toy. As well as distracting him, a new toy might make your dog happy. This should be the kind of toy that you both will interact with.

Play music for your dog. This is a controversial topic and some behaviorists think it has no effect whatsoever. Maybe not, but it will not hurt.

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