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Cheryl’s ex could be joining Made In Chelsea

Cheryl Cole could be seeing a lot more of her estranged husband shortly – on the small-screen!

The former X-Factor judge’s husband, Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini, is allegedly being courted to join reality TV show ‘Made In Chelsea’.

via Twitter

via Twitter

In June, Jean Bernard was spotted with one the show’s biggest female stars, Nicola Hughes. The pair continue to add fuel to the fire, appearing together in London this week.

Nicola has previously dated Alex Mytton, who co-stars with her on the popular E4 show.

An appearance from Jean Bernard could spell a serious love triangle between the three!

Now, resident Chelsea love rat Jamie Lang is looking to woo the French man in to joining the cast of the show.

via Instagram

via Instagram

Jamie told The Sun, “It would be such a good storyline if we got him on the show with Nicola. Nicola’s single so she should just go for it.”

Jamie and Jean Bernard – JB to his friends – have never  met before, but Jamie thinks the two of them would get on really well, and could get up to serious divilment in London.

“I’ve never met him but he sounds great”, he continued, “I love French people and speaking French.”

The cast of the show have been filming in the south of France for the next series of Made In Chelsea.

Jean Bernard has been living the life in London, and was spotted leaving a nightclub with Nicole after a heavy night of partying.

nicola hughes alex mytton

Cheryl and Jean Bernard called it quits at the end of 2015, and the former Girls Aloud star has since moved on with One Direction star Liam Payne.

Cheryl and Liam

Cheryl and Liam

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