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Chloe Khan left with scars and bruises after more surgery

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Chloe Khan has been left with scars and bruises after undergoing more surgery.

The Celebrity Big Brother star has undergone several surgeries and recently had a Brazilian bum lift.

However the surgery left the reality star with holes on her bum, from the needles used as well as extensive bruises across her legs.


She previously revealed she had been warned the procedure would be painful because she did not have enough fat on her body to use.

More scars and bruising was visible on her breast from a previous breast surgery as well as her sides, from recent liposuction.


However the photos left fans questioning Chloe’s need for surgery, and after the reality star shared a picture of her wearing a surgical corset, through which blood was visible.

According to the Mirror, Chloe also told her followers that she would be adding a designer vagina to her collection of surgery.

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