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Christine Bleakley rules out IVF

Christine Bleakley rules out IVF because she fears it could ruin her relationship with Frank Lampard.

After two years of marriage everyone is asking when she is going to start a family.

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The 38-year-old admits that time will tell when it comes to getting pregnant.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday’s, You Magazine, she said: “Everyone seems to be fascinated by my body clock.”

“I am always being asked when I am going to have a baby. As far as I am concerned, my attitude is that I will wait and see what happens.”

“I’m not one of those women who was thinking about babies at the age of 18.”

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Christine would prefer to conceive a baby naturally and she doesn’t want the idea to come between their relationship.

She adds: “I know friends who have torn themselves apart and jeopardised their relationship because going through IVF was so traumatic and I don’t know if I could do that to myself or Frank.”


Frank has two daughters Luna, aged 11 and ten-year-old Isla, ten from his previous relationship with Elen Rivas.

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