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Christy Dignam had his life saved by paramedics in near-death experience

Christy Dignam had his life saved by paramedics after a near-death experience last month.

The Aslan front man was rushed to Blanchardstown Hospital by emergency officials.

Christy Dignam with his wife Kathryn.

After contracting an infection, he was place in a scary life or death scenario.

His ambulance managed to detour to a different hospital, ultimately saving his life.

“I nearly died.

“The ambulance men who picked me up told me they were going to head for Blanchardstown Hospital rather than Beaumont, where my files were, because there simply wasn’t time,” he told The Irish Sun.

The 56-year-old’s wife Katherine noticed something was wrong that morning and she rang 999 for help after his temperature sky-rocketed.

“Because my immune system is so worn down by chemo it will be an infection that kills me, not the cancer. That’s why my wife Katherine has to keep an eye on me.

“She took my temperature at 7am that morning, it was fine but a few hours later, my temperature had shot up. My heart was racing too. When Katherine called the hospital for advice, they told her to call an ambulance immediately,” he added.

Aslan keyboardist, Pat “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick sadly lost his battle with cancer last week.

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