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Ireland’s Most Talented Stylist – Norma O’Donoghue

When RSVP decided to run a poll on Ireland’s most talented stylist, we were overwhelmed by the amount of artistic and appreciated stylist from all over the country. After whittling it down to 19 and with nine days of intense voting, where thousands of people logged in to pick their favourite, there was one clear […]

Who Is Ireland’s Most Talented Stylist?

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” Coco Channel Everyone wants to look their best, be it for a social event, a job interview or a night out with friends, but sometimes finding a look to suit your individual style or body shape isn’t always that easy, but thankfully Ireland has a host of fashionistas ready to […]

Favourite Eurovision Song

It’s that wonderful time of year again… The Eurovision! Whether you love it, or love to pretend you don’t, it’s undeniable that everyone has a little bit of warmth in their heart for the song contest! And let’s face it, there’s a certain sense of pride in being the most  successful country in the Eurovision […]

Jockey Bryan Cooper Voted Ireland’s Sexiest Sportsman

After ten days of intense voting Bryan Cooper has won the prestigious title of Ireland’s sexiest sportsman as voted by the readers of Delighted with his new title, Bryan said: “I am honoured, can’t believe I took Tommy Bowe’s crown! Thanks to everyone for voting” The Cheltenham Festival 2013 superstar may have been a […]

Who is Ireland’s Sexiest Sportsman?

Poll now closed, winner to be announced shortly, thank you for voting. RSVP wants to know who do you think is Ireland’s sexiest sportsman? There is a lot to choose from…. “The sportsman knows that a sport is a recreation, a game, an amusement and a pastime, but his eyes are fixed on a higher […]

Ireland’s Favourite Country Music Star Is…

Robert Mizzell!! It was an extremely close race to the finish line, but in a late surge of votes, that unfortunately weren’t tallied off first count, Robert Mizzell fans secured the star the top spot as Ireland’s favourite country music singer!! Congratulations to Robert, and to all the diehard fans who helped make him the […]

Who is your favourite Irish Country Music Star?

RSVP wants to know, who is your favourite Irish Country Music Star? We at RSVP are big fans of Ireland’s country music artists – both old and new – and frequently feature photo shoots and interviews with the hottest stars of the genre within our magazine. We want to know which acts are floating your […]

Ireland’s Yummiest Mummy

Georgina Ahern voted Ireland’s Yummiest Mummy. “I’m far from the yummiest mummy in town but it is nice to be thought of….Thanks a mil, Georgina. xx” After five days of intense voting, Georgina Ahern is the clear winner with a staggering 64% of the votes, followed by Ireland’s favourite actress, Amy Huberman with 9%. Georgina […]

Ireland’s Yummiest Mummy

With mothers day fast approaching, this Sunday, March 10th, for those of you who may have forgotten, RSVP wants to know who you think is Ireland’s yummiest mummy. With a list of 18 fabulous, funky and fresh faced celebrities to choose from, we want you to vote for your favourite. “All women become like their […]

Choose the Best TV Couple of All Time

  TV couples may come and go, but some have a way of securing a place in our hearts forever! What we want to know is, what TV pairing you think was a match made in small screen heaven? Pick from the list below, or if your favourite couple isn’t there, mention them in the […]

RSVP’s Doppelganger Week

RSVP wants you, to find your very own Doppelganger, or maybe you have a close friend or family member who looks exactly like someone famous or in the public eye, either way we want to see your pictures, no matter how mad they maybe, so we can add to our list of look a-likes. We […]

Best Single of All Time

RSVP have compiled a list of 10 singles that have topped various charts and polls over the years to discover which YOU think is the best song of all time! The winner will be featured in the March issue of RSVP magazine! If you want your favourite to be that winner, GET VOTING!!! [poll id=”25″]

And the Winner is….

Siva Kaneswaran Beats Colin Farrell, Niall Horan and Bressie to become Ireland’s Best Dressed Man The Wanted boy band member, Siva Kaneswaran, has beaten off some serious stiff competition to become Ireland’s best dressed man. The 22-year-old singer, who grew up in Blanchardstown, Dublin, has been top of RSVP’s best dressed man poll for the last […]