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Conor McGregor Has Shaved Off His Beard And He Looks Unreal

Who knew he had such nice features under all that facial hair?

A  photo of a very clean-shaven Conor McGregor has emerged, and we have to say, he’s looking well.

The UFC star looks a new man as he appears to have gotten rid of his iconic beard in a snap shared online.

It’s not entirely clear when the photo was taken, but it has certainly sent social media into a frenzy after it appeared online yesterday.

Conor has become known for his outrageous personality, lavish style, and of course – the beard.

And without it, he looks a whole lot younger, and a whole lot more fresh faced as fans were quick to point out.

”I think this is an old photo, but still, he looks so much better without the beard’‘ wrote one fan.

”Oh wow. That beard makes him look so much older. He should keep it off’‘ wrote another.

While a third wrote: ‘‘Hot stuff. Love him with no facial hair”. 

Go on Conor, keep it off!

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