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Conor McGregor will star in a movie about his life

Conor McGregor will star in a movie about his life this November- alongside girlfriend Dee.

It is the news we have been waiting for.

Mcgregor Instagram

“Notorious: The Fim” will hit cinemas right around the world in just a matter of weeks.

Conor will be joined by girlfriend Dee Devlin and MMA boss Dana White, as well as iconic star Arnold Schwarzenegger and rival Jose Aldo.

McGregor Instagram

“Witness the unstoppable rise of one of the most iconic stars on the planet,” he teased on Twitter this evening.

The website states: “Conor McGregor is the biggest star in the history of Mixed Martial Arts and one of the biggest sports stars alive today.

“Filmed over the course of 4 years, Notorious is the exclusive, all-access account of Conor’s meteoric rise from claiming benefits and living in his parents’ spare room in Dublin to claiming multiple championship UFC belts and seven figure pay-packets in Las Vegas. Featuring unprecedented access, never before seen moments and explosive fight footage, this is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at a sporting icon and his spectacular rise from the bottom to the very top.”

Book your tickets fast- somebody pass the popcorn!

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