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Cork mother issues plea after being given terminal diagnosis


Via GoFundMe

A Cork mother has issued a heart-breaking plea for help after being given a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Cork mother of two Caroline, was diagnosed with cancer on her tongue June 2015.

She underwent surgery to remove half her tongue alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

However in December 2016 it returned and it was decided by her medical team that the whole tongue needed to be removed.

She made a remarkable recovery however last week a new tumour was discovered in her neck and she has now been told the Irish hospitals can only offer palliative chemotherapy.

She was told by doctors to get her will together and make an arrangement with a local hospice.

However speaking to Neil Prendeville on Cork’s Red FM, she revealed she was refusing to give up and couldn’t leave her two daughters, Jamie (8) and Zara (3), saying:

“I am doing all this for them.  At first I thought poor me. But all I can think of is my two children. It’s not about me, it’s about them. If I was 50, I’d think look I’ve had a great time good luck, but I’m only 37 and I’ve two small girls. My little girl who is 8 gets her Holy Communion next May and I’m thinking of that. This is my third fight with cancer and if I have to do a fourth or fifth I will do it, but I can’t leave them”.

Caroline and her family are now desperately fundraising to try and avail of the last treatment option available to her.

The treatment in Germany would give Caroline more time and extend her life and she told Neil:

“If I could have ten years I would be happy with that. If my girls are 18, in college and have their own life, I’d say fine. I would live with anything no matter how poor my quality of life to be with them. They are my life.”

To help Caroline and donate to her treatment fund you can visit her GoFundMe page here:

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