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Crime Experts Claims She Knows Where Madeleine McCann Died

Another day, another Madeleine McCann theory and this time it comes from crime expert Pat Brown who says little Maddie “died in the holiday apartment”.

Speaking to she said,

“Madeleine is dead,

“There’s no point spending all of this money as nothing they do is going to make that child be found alive.”

Although she has no solid evidence to back her theory up, the criminal investigator believes Scotland Yard’s £12 million Operation Grange probe is a waste of money and could be used on other cases.

Ms. Browns gave the Australian site her theory on what happened,

“When I do a crime scene analysis it is a theory based on evidence to then be given to police and used to look for more proof and evidence suitable for prosecution,” she said.

“When I analysed (Madeleine’s) case, it led me to believe evidence does not support an abduction.

“An abduction was extremely unlikely based on the amount of time, evidence at the scene, and every other shred of evidence there has ever been.”

“The evidence supports the theory of an accident occurring through neglect and possible medication,

“It’s my belief the body was moved to a desolate location and will never be found.”

She believes Met Police made a mistake ruling out suspect early on in the case,

“You only eliminate someone as a suspect if they have an alibi and could absolutely not have committed the crime. It shouldn’t be based on theories.

“Their focus was on finding a kidnapper. But the evidence supports the theory of an accident occurring through neglect and possible medication.”

As Gerry and Kate McCann come up to the tenth anniversary since Maddie’s disappearance, the couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry will not be fueling any of this pure speculation with any comment whatsoever.”

A source close to the family added:

“There is no proof that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment or anywhere else, and until there us any shred of evidence her parents believe their daughter could still be alive.

“This so called criminal expert is regurgitating claims made by former Portuguese police officer Goncalo Amaral, she is repeating all the old assertions it seems for shock value.

“Kate and Gerry took legal action against Mr. Amoral and they won the case, although they later lost it on appeal.

“They don’t want to be litigious, and they can’t sue everyone, but it appears that people are saying whatever they like.”

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