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Critics Slam 2FM’s ‘Breakfast Republic’ After Its First Morning On Air

It may have only made its debut this morning, but 2FM’s brand new morning show, ‘Breakfast Republic’, has already become fodder for the critics.

Jennifer Maguire is joined by Keith Walsh and Bernard O'Shea on 2FM's Breakfast Republic

Jennifer Maguire is joined by Keith Walsh and Bernard O’Shea on 2FM’s Breakfast Republic

Rather than giving the show – and its presenters Keith Walsh, Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O’Shea – a little time to adjust to new surroundings, new faces and new roles, newspaper reviews have been less than complementary following the show’s first outing, tearing apart everything from the subject matter discussed during the show to how the presenters’ skills seem to have failed to translate from TV to radio.

Describing breakfast radio on popular music stations, the Independent‘s Darragh McManus said: “It’s like being woken by toddlers who’ve been at the green Skittles”, adding that “Breakfast Republic is all that and more – or maybe less”. According to the critic, it was the volume of people behind the microphone paired with the crude language and questionable subject matter at that hour of the morning that proved to be the show’s biggest problem. “Three voices in studio is at least one too many,” he wrote. “The gags ranged from flat to tasteless.” He added: “It’s juvenile, for sure, like listening to a bunch of school-kids. But juvenile would be alright if it was properly funny; this wasn’t.”

The new team have replaced Hector O'hEochagain in the breakfast slot

The new team have replaced Hector O’hEochagain in the breakfast slot

Another critic who had plenty to say was the Irish Mirror‘s James Ward, who argued whether or not it was a “wise move” to replace Hector O’hEochagain with the new crew of Jennifer, Bernard and Keith. “Keith acted as the primary host, while the Republic of Telly duo were on hand to offer comic relief,” explained Ward. “Or at least they were supposed to be.” He went on to describe some of the gags used during the show as “painfully unfunny” and “excruciating”, but later finished on a positive note, suggesting that “there’s every chance the trio will go on to find the right balance for the show”.

Finally some positive feedback! It’s only their first day on the job – let’s give the newbies some time to shine!

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