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Daithi O’Sé has been confirmed for Rose of Tralee

Daithi O’Sé has been confirmed as the host of the Rose of Tralee once again.

The Kerry man will be returning to his home county for the eighth time this August.

Photo Martina Regan

Daithi has fronted the popular TV slot since 2010 and fans will be thrilled to have him back once again.

Last year, the father-of-one was caught off-guard as a protester stormed the stage during the first live show.

Speaking exclusively to RSVP Magazine, he recalled the shocking moment: “First of all, I thought it was a cameraman with steadycam because he runs around the dome with a heavy step trying to film. Sometimes the producers don’t tell me exactly what is happening and one of the roses  was chatting about agriculture and I thought he said “farmers for justice”, I thought it was a stitch up and decided to “roll with the joke” and continue on the conversation.

“It became apparent quite fast that this man should not have been on stage and he was taken off. I told the Rose, Lisa Reilly from County Cavan, that it was just me and her on stage and we were going to finish the interview. She got a standing ovation from the crowd and she absolutely nailed it.

Guests at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2013 at The Marker Hotel, Dublin, Ireland – 26.04.13. Pictures: G. McDonnell / Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

“She was very unsettled afterwards because there have been a lot of incidents across the world, Paris and supermarkets in America, and you don’t know what this person is going to do and he could have had a gun.

“Her parents and my nieces were in the audience and they were all frightened and upset,” he continued.

Photo Martina Regan

Only three months to go until the ladies (and their escorts) hit the dome once again.

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