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Daughter Gives Mother Incredible Makeover After Her Chemo

Beauty blogger Nadina Ioana has shown the true power of makeup, after posting a heart-warming video of her giving her mum – who had recently undergone chemotherapy – a gorgeous makeover.


Sadly Nadina’s mum lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during chemo, and the beautifully natural look Nadina created included pencilled-on eyebrows, false lashes and a super-cute wig.

¬†Posting a snip of the video makeover on her Instagram page, Nadina wrote: “My warrior. Here I leave you a very special video I made with the collaboration of my mother. In this tutorial I show you how to do makeup for a chemo patient.”

The inspiring video has now had over 126,000 views on Youtube, and hundreds of people have posted their support the Youtuber and her mother online.

Viewers wrote:

Your mum looks so beautiful. This tutorial is an inspiration and it shows how much you put your effort in making your mum beautiful‚Ķ she is already btw. You’re a true artist. Love your mum’s new look and love you too.”


“This is beautiful. Your mum is a beautiful woman and you are a very strong lady. It’s lovely to see your family bond. My mother also went through so I can relate”.

“This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m tearing up right now. Both brave, beautiful and strong women! Sending my prayers”

We couldn’t agree more.

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