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DEAL OF THE DAY: Lunch Time Facial Lift At Beauty Regain Cork

WHAT a bargain!

Us ladies all love a good pamper, we love to feel good and of course, we love to look and feel better about ourselves.

That’s exactly why Beauty Regain’s lunch time face life is the most ideal way to make yourself feel all pampered and polished.

The procedure is pretty simple, and it’s not invasive at all, which is one of the best things about it.

Grainne tells us: ”It’s like lifting muscles like a gym workout for your face, it’s fast and results are amazing, we do one side of your face first and then show you the difference”.

And the best thing about it? Well, it only takes 30 mins, so you could literally pop out on your lunch break and get it done.

We’ll definitely be taking them up on this incredible 50 Euro treatment – won’t you?

Check out all the details on their Facebook HERE. 

And have a look through their website HERE to see more of their amazing offers.

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