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What Your Body Really Needs When You Crave Chocolate

Everyone has had the feeling of craving chocolate before, but what does it really mean when your body craves the sugary treat? Studies show that if your body is craving chocolate you are actually low in Magnesium. We need magnesium in our body to build protein and new cells, enzyme activity and energy production. So, […]

A Dog Licking Your Face Could be Seriously Harmful to Your Health

We all love our dogs and we know they love us too. However, next time your furry friend attempts to lick your face as a sign of affection you may not be so forthcoming. Of course, your beloved canine is not trying to cause you harm and only wants to share the love but speaking […]

MUM’S THE WORD: with Mairead Ronan

EASY WEANING Eliza is almost 10 months old now and thriving… probably because she has the best diet in the house! When I began weaning her, I struggled a bit and, to be honest, it had been so long since weaning my son Dara that I’d totally forgotten. But then I met Siobhán Berry of […]

This Proteinella from Lidl is sure to be a hit

This Proteinella from Lidl is sure to be a hit with gym lovers around the country. The new healthy collection from the nationwide store is awesome. Prepare for your workout by eating a healthy diet of carbohydrates and protein. Eating the right foods ensures that energy is released steadily during exercise. The limited edition Healthy […]

Woman Has 27 Contact Lenses Removed From One Eye

A 67-year-old woman in the UK has had 27 contact lenses removed from one eye. The discovery was made after the woman went to Solihull Hospital in the West Midlands for routine cataract surgery. In a report for the British Medical Journal, experts from the hospital said that “a bluish foreign body” emerged during the […]

Boots allergy bundles are the answer to every Hay Fever sufferer’s prayers!

Irritated eyes, runny nose, sleep deprivation – welcome to hayfever season folks… The common condition is estimated to affect one fifth of the Irish population with around 87% of people suffering from sleep deprivation as a result. In addition, according to Boots, up to 94% of patients state that their symptoms have an impact on […]

HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: with Alison Canavan

Clothes size: 10 Height: 5ft 10in Breakfast: Overnight oat groats in the slow cooker with blueberries and coconut shavings and mixed seeds with homemade almond milk. LUNCH: Salmon salad with buckwheat or quinoa. DINNER: Chicken stir-fry with lots of veggies and brown rice. SNACKS: Nuts and a smoothie with spinach, berries, cucumber, avocado, spirulina and […]


Snoring affects both sufferers and bed partners with nearly 70% of us snoring at some point in our lives, snoring is most common between the ages of 30 to 60, the risk of snoring also increases as we get older due to the narrowing of the airways, with men twice as likely to snore as […]

Tristan Clarke: “I lost close to 7 stone in 7 months!”

31-year-old Tristan Clarke from Dublin once weighed over 21 stone! When Tristan looks at where he is now, he has one regret, it’s that he wishes he did the Motivation programme years ago. According to Tristan, “In my eyes, life was fine but I put an awful lot of things off and kept telling myself […]

Is lack of sleep causing Alzheimer’s?

By: Sarah Jane Allen A poor sleeping patterned may lead to a higher risk of Alzheimers developing, according to the Irish Independent. A study which was conducted by carrying out spinal fluid tests on 101 people showed that the participants who stated that they had a poor sleeping pattern or suffered from tiredness throughout the […]

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4 Simple Summer Weight Loss Hacks

Schools out for the summer and you’re off on hols soon, but you haven’t got time for any extra gym sessions with all of the running around that you’re doing. Fear not, there’s still time to get bikini body ready. Below are 4 simple tips that could help you lose weight in time for your […]

This Is How Much Weight The Average Person Gains While On Summer Holidays

Oh God…. So according to a new survey by Cancer Research UK, the average person will gain 4.4lbs while on their summer holidays. The figures state that 62% of people say that they indulge way too much in alcohol and food while away. Almost half of all those surveyed admitted that they consume more alcohol […]

This Is The Real Reason There Are Tiny Red Bumps On The Top Of Your Arms

Loads and loads of people are bothered by small red or white bumps gathering on their upper arms. Several people refer to it as ‘chicken skin,’ the condition’s real name is in fact keratosis pilaris. This condition effects a huge amount of people across the world, with the bumps also appearing on the buttocks and thighs […]

Aisling O’Loughlin: Time to say goodbye…for now

Time to say goodbye…for now It’s been a privilege and pleasure to bring you dispatches from the frontline of motherhood every month for the past five-and-a-half years here in the pages of RSVP magazine. Every four weeks, through thick and thin, I’d badger Nic for a photo for the column. It has been the most […]

This is the one pet you should never cuddle when you’re on your period

This is the one pet you should never cuddle when you’re on your period. That time of month isn’t exactly the most pleasant, all you want is a cuppa tea, some chocolate and your blankets- and maybe a few cuddles. But if you have this one pet- you should never cuddle it when on your […]

Gin And Tonic Could Relieve Your Hay Fever

YES! We knew that gin was the whole saviour of our lives! If you’re completely dying off with swollen, runny eyes and a blocked up nose, all you have to do is drink a few glasses of gin according to new research. While it’s been proven that alcohol worsens symptoms of hayfever and asthma, Asthma […]