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Chantelle Houghton Tries To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight

Former reality TV star, Chantelle Houghton, has had a tough time lately, the new mother has appeared distraught on various TV programmes over the breakup of her relationship with Alex Reid, the father of her child. Check out the story here. But it looks like she is finally getting her head and body back into […]

Lost Star Matthew Fox Loses 44lbs For Film Role

Lost star Matthew Fox provided some serious eye-candy for female fans when he played the role of Jack Shephard in the hit TV series. Now, the hunky star is going to set pulses racing again but with a very different look. Matthew has lost an amazing 44lbs after putting himself through an intense workout routine […]

Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Believe in Dieting

Jennifer Aniston thinks that leading a healthy lifestyle is more beneficial than jumping aboard crazy diet fads. She told OK! magazine: “I stopped dieting when I figured out that you just have to eat regularly and properly within moderation. The fads are too much, the fasts, when you hear people saying, ‘I’m going on a cleanse’, […]

Gemma Atkinson Shows Off Her Six Pack

Ex-Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson displayed her incredibly toned figure while out jogging with her boyfriend Liam Richards in Aruba. The hot actress who is back on our screens in Casualty reprising the role of Tamzin Boyle has always been an avid fitness fan and it is clear, as she has abs of steel. Speaking previously […]

Davina McCall Looks Incredibly Toned In Birthday Pic!

Wow RSVP has never seen Davina McCall look in better shape! The TV presenter, who turned 45 on Tuesday, tweeted this pic of herself the day after her birthday to show off her trim figure in a black and gold corset. Davina was in the middle of filming backstage at her TV show Got To […]

Kim Kardashian Taking Diet Pills To Lose Weight

RSVP was shocked to hear that Kim Kardashian has turned to weight loss pills and a strict exercise regime in the hopes of losing 20 pounds for boyfriend Kanye West. The reality star is desperate to shed the extra weight she has gained since coupling up with Kanye, and has resorted to a gruelling exercise […]

Christina Aguilera Reveals Music Industry Pressure To Be Thin

Singer Christina Aguilera has claimed that she was forced to be toothpick thin a few years ago and has opened up about the pressures in the music industry. The ‘Your Body’ singer – who has been criticised for her curvier figure recently – spoke about the pressure to be thin in the music industry and claims […]

Demi Moore Goes From Gaunt To Fit And Healthy

RSVP was delighted to see pictures of Demi Moore leaving a gym in Hollywood yesterday looking fresh and healthy. The star has been under a lot of criticism recently about her plummeting weight. Dressed in casual gym gear, the Ghost star seems to be getting her life back on track since splitting from her estranged […]

“Proud at Any Size”: Lady Gaga Strikes Back at Weight Critics

Lady Gaga has hit back at those who have criticised her weight again this week. We’ve spoken previously about how the star’s recent weight gain sparked criticism from some members of the media and even led to speculations that she was pregnant. This time around she has uploaded pictures of herself posing in yellow underwear […]

Michael Buble Halves In Size

Michael Buble has astounded everyone at RSVP by losing nearly half his body weight in only a couple of months, it seems everyone’s favourite crooner is no longer such a big presence on stage. The 37-year-old Canadian singer revealed his dramatic new look at a fashion show in Italy yesterday. It was a big change […]

Gaga Addresses Weight Gain

For once, it’s not Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits or onstage marijuana smoking that’s landed her in the headlines of gossip blogs across the globe, no, the singer’s most recent attention is all due to her new curvaceous figure. (Read about it here). The star addressed the issue via Twitter on Saturday, to thank her fans for […]

Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian To Lose 20 lbs

We at RSVP are a bit worried aout Kim Kardashian, with the news that Kanye West wants his reality star girlfriend to lose weight. The ‘Mercy’ rapper is said to have urged Kim – who is famous for her curvy figure – to slim down and shed up to 20 pounds. Kanye thinks that Beyoncé – who […]

Jessica Simpson Hurt By Cruel Taunts About Her Weight.

Poor Jessica Simpson has been left hurt by taunts about her weight, having lost 40 of the 80 lbs she gained while pregnant on daughter Maxwell. The Fashion Star mentor has been paid four million dollars by Weight Watchers to lose the weight she put on and promote their brand, and although she has dropped […]

Kelly Osbourne: Lady Gaga’s Not Fat – She’s Pregnant!

She’s been sporting a much fuller figure lately, and Kelly Osbourne has  told chat show host Alan Carr that she believes it’s because Lady Gaga is pregnant. The outspoken ‘Fashion Police’ star shared her observations on the ‘Born This Way’ singer’s noticeable weight gain – she has reportedly gained 30 lbs –  and has claimed that […]

Robbie Williams: It’s Now Or Never To Lose Weight!

We at RSVP are thrilled that we’re getting to meet Robbie Williams tomorrow as he’ll be launching his menswear label, Farrell, in BT2. But we won’t get to ogle him in his undies, as he revealed today that he has piled on the pounds since quitting smoking, which is preventing that from becoming a possibility. […]

Christina Aguilera On Her Weight And Her Marriage Fears

Christina Aguilera has said that she loves her new fuller figure, and says the only problem she’s ever had with her weight is being too skinny. “Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin. So I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.” This comes after an […]

The Incredible Shrinking Man – Matthew McConaughey Sheds The Pounds.

He was one of the hunkiest actors around, but Matthew McConaughey has shown his dedication to his art by his shockingly thin appearance as he arrived on the set of his current film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The Texan was gaunt and the muscles and the chiselled good looks that made him famous were absent, […]

Pack Away The Burkini: Nigella’s Slim And Curvy Again

  Cookery queen Nigella Lawson has debuted a new slimline figure on the set of her new show, Nigellisima, which will have her many male fans salivating – over her gastronomic delights, of course! The 52-year-old admitted that she struggles with her weight, and indeed infamously wore a burkini in the sea on holidays last year […]

Secrets Of The First Lady’s Fitness Regime

America’s First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed that she gets up at 4.30am or 5am during the school year to work out in the gym. Speaking on the US women’s website iVillage, where she is working as a guest editor this week, she explained that she and her president husband Barack work out every day. […]

Shockingly Gaunt and Thin: Macaulay Culkin Defends Drugs Allegations

  The National Enquirer has sensationally claimed that Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is a drug addict, has a $6,000-a-month drug habit and has only six months left to live. The US tabloid also claimed that he regularly shoots up heroin and the highly addictive painkiller oxycodone – dubbed hillbilly heroin. It also alleges that the former child […]