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“The Notorious” Conor McGregor set for US Stardom

Conor McGregor’s RTE2 documentary is set to land on US shores in January! Ireland’s Ultimate Fighter and mixed martial artist, is number five in the official UFC Featherweight rankings. His personality, talent and self-belief is highlighted in a widely acclaimed documentary, entitled “The Notorious”, directed by the talented Patrick Timmons Ward. McGregor’s  upcoming UFC Fight […]

Blog:Have you got a ‘muffin top’?

If you’ve a tendency to store fat around the middle then you need to read this! So what’s the deal with apple shapes? Safefood had us all measuring our waist circumference back in 2011 with their “Stop the Spread” campaign but they never fully explained why it makes a difference where we store our fat. […]

“I loved being naked!” – Rosanna Davison Talks Body Confidence and Playboy

Model, Miss World and qualified nutritionist, you would be forgiven for thinking Rosanna Davison had enough body confidence to last a lifetime. But in a new feature with the Sunday Independent’s LIFE magazine, the newlywed explains that being a woman as well as the cut-throat modelling world can shatter even the most confident person’s self-esteem. […]

Holly Hagan Flaunts Her Dramatic Weightloss

Holly Hagan’s dramatic weightless has reached an all time low and she is looking better than ever. Holly shared a picture of her slim figure on Twitter while wearing a small daisy patterned bikini, and opened up to the MailOnline about her 10 year battle to lose weight. The 22-year-old said: I’ve always struggled with […]

WOW! Jessica Simpson Flaunts Her Very Fit Figure

Jessica Simpson is looking VERY fit these days, and she wants the world to know it. The mother-of-two shed all of that stubborn baby weight, and then some, for her wedding to Eric Johnson on July 5th. And by this pic, Jessica is not relaxing her exercise regime at all since the big day. Just […]

Shocker! Bressie Has Taken A Bad Photo

One of the photographers at @MidlandTri Caroline Kearney got worlds best pic of me coming out of swim. State — Niall Breslin (@nbrez) August 10, 2014 We never thought we would see the day; Bressie has taken a bad picture. To be fair to the singer, he did JUST complete a 1500 metre swim […]

Kim Kardashian trainer reveals she burns 1000 calories AN HOUR in her workouts

She’s being giving out about her weight recently and claiming she needs to step it up a gear, but Kim Kardashian’s trainer has dished on the reality star’s gruelling workouts and we’re not sure how she could possibly top them! According to Kim’s personal trainer she burns up to 1000 calories in AN HOUR during […]

Helen Mirren Reveals 12 Minute Exercise Secret

Is there a woman in the world you wouldn’t want a figure like Helen Mirren at 69? Although Helen admits to being a “classic yo-yo dieter”, we can’t remember a decade that the Dame didn’t look amazing. Helen says she has always fluctuated by 10lb and is currently “at the top end of those 10lb […]

Nadia Forde Flaunts Her Fab New Figure in Sports Bra Selfie

Nadia Forde shared a picture of her post-run figure on Instagram this morning, and she is looking VERY fit. The model turned singer went for a run by Bukingham Palace in the sunshine and then shared a picture of herself in jogging leggings and a red sports bra. Not a bad view for my run […]

Health and Fitness: Teena Gates’ Incredible Weight Loss Journey

She’s currently climbing Mount Elbrus, one of the Seven Summits, in Russia after losing more than 13 stone. Teena Gates is a author, journalist, presenter, lecturer and all-round inspiration. Here Teena opens up to RSVP for an HONEST account of a real weight-loss journey. The highs, lows and weight gain in between.     Can […]

Health and Wellness with…Anna Daly

  We asked fabulous mum  Anna Daly a few questions about her health and fitness regime. The TV star talks about getting back into shape after pregnancy, as well as diets, and why life is too short to deny yourself too much! We can definitely take some tips from her. 1.How do you stay in […]

Lisa Fitzpatrick’s Tips For A Fab Figure

  1. Eat healthy, green food that’s in season. Make lovely fresh salads. Be creative! When you’re cooking dinner make some extra meat or salmon and have it with your salad the following day. 2. Make healthy smoothies. If you don’t own a blender, it’s time to invest! 3. Eat raw veg with hummus. Green […]

Hot Couple Bressie and Roz Complete IronMan Triathlon – And Still Look Fab

Bressie and RozPurcell completed the IronMan triathlon in Austria today and we’re exhausted just looking at them. The long-term couple have been training for months for the challenge, they even sacrificed their Christmas by going to Lanzarote to train over the festive season and avoid temptation. Niall tweeted his support for his model girlfriend who […]

Danielle Llyod Flaunts Fab Bikini Body

Danielle Lloyd has an amazing figure, and she knows it. The wife and mother of three flaunted her fab bikini body by posting pool-side pictures on Instagram. The 30-year-old’s relentless hours at the gym are clearly paying off, Danielle has made no secret of her efforts by often posting videos and pictures from the gym […]

Vicky Pattison Reveals Amazing Figure

WOW! We almost didn’t believe it when we found out who this gorgeous body belonged to. Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison has dropped shed loads of weight. She has reportedly slimed from a size 16 to a size 6. The 26-year-old proudly posted this selfie on Instagram with the caption: “Couldn’t resist… #playingphotographer #selfie #noairbrush #helllaaawww.” […]

Britney Spears Shares Pic of Gorgeous Bikini Body

Well we’re regretting that dinner now. Britney Spears shared this gorgeous bikini pic today, and subsequently left us all green with envy. The mother of two is currently in Hawaii with her boyfriend and two sons for a little family break, but that didn’t stop her taking the time to show the world just how […]

Ellie Goulding Feeling Sexier Than Ever…Thanks To Exercise!

Ellie Goulding reveals how her new diet and fitness regime has made her more body confident. The 27 year old has confessed that becoming vegetarian just over six months ago and doing regular exercise has allowed her to develop more womanly features. ‘I’m a bit more confident with my body…I’ve got belly, boobs and a […]