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What Your Body Really Needs When You Crave Chocolate

Everyone has had the feeling of craving chocolate before, but what does it really mean when your body craves the sugary treat? Studies show that if your body is craving chocolate you are actually low in Magnesium. We need magnesium in our body to build protein and new cells, enzyme activity and energy production. So, […]

Tristan Clarke: “I lost close to 7 stone in 7 months!”

31-year-old Tristan Clarke from Dublin once weighed over 21 stone! When Tristan looks at where he is now, he has one regret, it’s that he wishes he did the Motivation programme years ago. According to Tristan, “In my eyes, life was fine but I put an awful lot of things off and kept telling myself […]

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4 Simple Summer Weight Loss Hacks

Schools out for the summer and you’re off on hols soon, but you haven’t got time for any extra gym sessions with all of the running around that you’re doing. Fear not, there’s still time to get bikini body ready. Below are 4 simple tips that could help you lose weight in time for your […]

Eating chips twice a week could double your chances of an early death

Eating chips twice a week could double your chances of an early death. While it’s no secret that we’re all aware that having chips regularly can cause weight gain, among other health issues, new studies show that eating the much loved dish regularly could affect mortality rates. Whether enjoyed as part of a hearty 3-in-1, […]

Losing 5 stone in 15 weeks changed my life, forever!

Hi! I’m Monika Owczarek and I would like to tell my story. Well, I’m a single mum and I work and live in Cork. Like all single mums, I lead a busy lifestyle, juggling the demands of my work with those of my son and home. Today, I’m a very happy and healthy person but […]

Diet drinks could increase your risk of a Stroke or Dementia significantly

Drinking one ‘diet’ or artificially sweetened drink a day could make you almost three times more likely to develop a stroke or dementia, a new survey has revealed. The seven year survey compared those who drank diet drinks everyday to those who drank artificially-sweetened drinks less than once a week. The new research appeared in […]

Five ‘Diet’ Foods That Make You Put Weight On

Have you been dieting and still struggling to see the results you want? Here are a few ‘diet’ foods you may be eating that are jeopardizing your efforts to slim down. Breakfast cereals Breakfast Cereals are one of the worst foods you can eat. They are loaded with sugar and filled with processed carbohydrates, that […]

Lucy Kenneally: From 22 Stone to a 10K Runner After Losing 10 stone 11LBS

Lucy Kenneally’s story is nothing short of remarkable. She weighed 22 stone and with the help of Motivation, she dropped 10 stone 11lbs to completely turn her life around and become the person she always wanted to be. Lucy before. “I had always struggled with weight growing up. Like most young people, all I wanted […]

Molly Agnew: “I lost Six Stone In Nine Months”

Twenty-four-year-old Molly Agnew from Blackrock, Co. Dublin had always vowed each year to lose weight. So, she decided to make changes in her life, when looking in the mirror she thought this is not me! Previously, whenever Molly decided to diet she’d lose some weight and then put it all back on. According to Molly, […]

Operation Transformation: Deirdre Hosford’s success revisited

Two weeks after giving birth to her second son, Deirdre decided she needed to shed the weight that had been affecting her confidence since her early 20s. At 14 stone 6Ibs, the Cork native was ready for change so she applied to become a leader on the Operation Transformation. But perhaps her greatest achievement is […]

What is protein, and why you need to eat it

What is protein, and why you need to eat it     Protein. Let’s discuss what it is, why it’s important and where you can find it! You may know what foods contain protein, but have you ever wondered what protein actually is – and why you need to eat it every day?  Protein is, […]

Seven Ways to Add More Protein to Your Food

7 Ways to Add More Protein to Your Food Looking to add more protein to your diet? Here are some simple, delicious ways to boost your protein intake. Getting enough protein at meals isn’t usually difficult, especially if your meal centres around a protein-rich piece of chicken or fish. But when your menu features items that may […]

How to eat less overall … by eating more protein

 Another reason to eat protein at breakfast. Protein helps keep you full and satisfied until lunch – and a new study suggests it might even help curb snacking at night.   If you keep up with the latest in dietary advice, you can probably list a few reasons why protein is such an important nutrient.  It’s […]

Five foods that you need to cut out of your diet

Five foods that you need to cut out of your diet if you want to stay healthy in 2017. It is not an easy task to alter your diet, but making a few small changes here and there can certainly make all the difference in the long run. It will be hard at the beginning, […]

Six ways to burn those calories this New Year

Six ways to burn those calories this New Year and it could not be easier folks! Those boxes of Celebrations and Roses and all of the glasses of vino or prosecco have taken its toll and now it is time to take action. Hitting the gym and running in the park is not for everybody, […]