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Motivation Monday: Tips on getting the most out of your week!

Feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated after an over-indulgent weekend? Here’s three tips for getting motivated this Monday thanks to Weight Watchers Ireland! When it comes to work: Get into the habit of finishing what you have started. It’s easy to become scattered when we’re trying to accomplish a task. Finish one before you start […]

Everything You Need To Know About Being A Fruitarian

Many people have never heard the term ‘fruitarianism’ before, it caused some confusion in our office. So what is fruitarianism? Fruitarianism is a diet that consists entirely or primarily on fruits and possibly nuts and seeds and without animal products. It is a subset of dietary veganism. Fruitarians are people who will only eat what […]

Train yourself to eat breakfast – tips from Weight Watchers

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Not only does eating your brekkie help you reduce cravings for snacks but helps you avoid overeating later in the day too. There are plenty of excuses when it comes to why we often skip breakfast but […]

A Tea-licious way to lose weight permanently – and it’s 100% Irish too!

  If you’re like the thousands of other Irish women who are also trying to lose weight, are constantly falling off the wagon or are lacking the determination to even get started, then here’s something to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. Miss Fit Skinny Tea has been taking the nation by […]

Scientists discover easy new hangover cure we never even thought about

Good news for those of us who like to go out for a few quiet drinks on a Monday night that turns into seventeen cocktails, an impromptu karaoke session and waking up the next morning with a garlic-cheese-chip in your handbag and feeling like you’re dying inside. Actual scientists have figured out that if you […]

Three tips from Weight Watchers to kick start your Monday!

Over indulged a bit much this past weekend? Sometimes all we need to kick start another healthy week and the next step towards achieving that weight loss goal, is to hear some encouraging words from someone who has been there before us. Here, three Weight Watchers members share their top tips to making Weight Watchers […]

3 ways of sticking to that Weight Watchers’ weight loss plan

It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re concentrating on eating healthy and keeping fit. So this Monday morning, we have three helpful tips from Weight Watchers to help keep you on the right track towards your goal this week! 1. Exercise with a friend: It’s one way of getting you going and when […]

Event: The Life You Want With RSVP And Weight Watchers

  Do you want to discover the very best version of you, free yourself from stress and create a healthier and happier life? Then you must check out ‘The Life You Want‘  a life changing event with RSVP Magazine and Weight Watchers at South Court Hotel, Limerick on October 3rd and City West Dublin on […]

Last Taste of Summer with Weight Watchers

We haven’t had our fair share of sunshine this summer in Ireland but often when the kids go back to school in September, the Indian summer comes our way. We’re eternal optimists here at RSVP magazine and so with the hope of a few rays in the coming weeks, perhaps there will be time for […]

Top tips from a Weight Watchers’ success story

When you start you weight loss journey, it’s always the first few pounds that are the easiest to shed. Talk to anyone who has been there before you and they’ll tell you that getting through those last few pounds to your target weight, and maintaining it thereafter, will be the most difficult part. Here, Weight […]

Foods you Thought Were Healthy But Actually Are Not!

So the girl you met at the gym told you frozen meals are the way to go, or you read you should only be eating gluten free food? Well research has shown these to be myth and a lot of so-called “healthy” food are not quite as healthy as you thought! Frozen Diet Meals Diet meals have […]

Monday Motivation from Weight Watchers

When you’re keeping your sights set on that weight loss goal, it can often be hard to stay motivated week after week. But sometimes all it takes is a little motivational tip from someone who understands what you’re going through to give you that boost you really need. Verette O’ Sullivan, a Weight Watchers’ leader […]

The Weight Watchers tips you weren’t expecting!

Rules were made to be broken but when can you break them without compromising on your long term goals? Here, Weight Watchers share three tips you weren’t expecting – now you can have dessert, give in to that dip on the side and settle those cravings too, all without breaking that healthy-eating bank. And here’s […]

Three small steps towards a big goal: Tips from Weight Watchers

When your goals seem like a million miles, and a million less calories away, it’s time to take a step back and think about your plan of action. Rather than thinking about the amount of weight you want to lose, think in terms of manageable baby steps instead. With so many little changes you can […]

Eat out without the guilt with Weight Watchers’ guide!

When it comes to eating out when you’re strictly sticking to your diet and healthy eating regime, you can’t help but worry that this one meal out, however much you’re craving it, could set you back days in progress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Weight Watchers has an ‘Eat Out’ guide which […]

Why you should be eating breakfast this morning – Weight Watchers

It’s the most important meal of the day but when we’re trying to lose those extra few pounds and cut down on eating too much during the day, we often take our brekkie for granted and skip it altogether. But if you’re serious about shifting some weight, eating your breakfast should be high on that […]

Delicious Power Shot Smoothie by Roz Purcell

  We all need that extra little boost in the morning and the gorgeous Roz Purcell has just the smoothie we need. At a Vitality Breakfast held at Clayton Hotel, Ballsbridge this morning, the foodie model was helping to promote healthy eating and delicious, nutritious food and even demonstrated one of her smoothie favourites. Needless […]

Top Tips For Getting Rid of Cellulite Naturally

  1.   Low-Carb, Anti-Inflammatory Diet:  A diet that is low in sugar and carbohydrates and rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and good fats is key for hormonal balance and cellulite control. 2.  Use the Right Type of Salt:  Proper sodium-potassium balance is key for getting rid of cellulite.  Table salt throws off this balance.  Use […]