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‘Superfoods are marketing gimmicks.’

We were all delighted when we heard the the humble ‘blood sausage’ that is black pudding was being hailed as a superfood thanks to its natural nutritional benefits but it seems the whole superfood buzz is all just hype. Yes, according to today’s Irish Daily Mail, many so-called superfoods like kale, chia seeds and quinoa […]


Miracle Tuesday: Beat Exam Blues With These Three Natural Remedies

  Exam season is well under way and you’re sick and tired of being restless and stressed out! If you’re a person who suffers with racing thoughts, sweaty palms and a a constant knot in your stomach, then we have 3 simple and effective cures for you! These herbal remedies have been tried and tested […]

7 Ways To Relieve Anxiety Naturally

You’re anxious, worried, freaked. You’re upset about (pick one): money, health, work, family, love (or all of the above). Your heart is beating fast, your breathing is shallow and rapid, your mind is imagining doom, and you wish you could just relax…now! Whether you have a full-blown anxiety disorder or are just freaking out, you may not […]

7 Natural Remedies To Relieve Hayfever

If you suffer from dreaded hay fever, then you’ll know just how uncomfortable, annoying and downright unbearable it can make the warmer weather.   While others are out enjoying the summer months, you’re stuck with the worst possible hay fever symptoms you can imagine, including streaming, stinging eyes, a blocked or runny nose, an itchy […]

Wellness Wednesday: 4 Ways To Tackle Stress

We all get stressed now and again. This may be due to work, life’s responsibilities or worrying about every day things in your day to day life, but some people really do have it worse than others. Sometimes, we might not even notice that we’re stressed until it starts to appear in other ways such […]

How to Boost Your Energy With A healthy alternative to energy drinks?

Energy drinks are often marketed as a healthy and youthful way to boost mental alertness and physical performance. In reality these drinks are loaded with caffeine, additives and sugar that can be seriously damaging to the body. Side effects of the over-consumption of energy drinks include heart palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. These conditions […]


  Forget skinny, 2016 is the year for strong and athletic women. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the horror stories: strength training makes girls bulky, it’s bad for your joints, and once you have muscle, you can’t stop exercising or it will all turn to fat. It’s the biggest myth in the fitness industry, and it feeds […]

Blue Monday – Tips To Tackle The Most Depressing Day of The Year

Today is officially the most depressing day of the year. Dubbed Blue Monday, experts say that Monday the 18th of January is the day that gets us down the most. This is due to multiple factors, including, failed resolutions, post-Christmas debt and post-Christmas weight gain to name just a few. If you’re feeling the effects […]

Is Your Liver Compromised? Here are the Top 12 liver cleansing foods

Love Your Liver! It’s that time of year again! If you’re feeling a bit sluggish after the festive season there are some simple measures you can take to start feeling like yourself again – and it doesn’t involve any hardcore juice cleanses which are inevitably doomed for failure! Firstly its important to remember that the […]

Are You Lacking in Vitamin D? Are you D-ficient?

Are you D-ficient? Despite its name vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. It’s a fat soluble hormone that the body is able to produce when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. It is almost impossible to get sufficient levels through diet alone.   Health benefits of vitamin D: – Boosts immune function – […]

Scientists Discover Gene That Makes Some People Bad At Relationships

  New studies show that some people are born with a ‘singleton gene’. Hair samples from almost 600 Chinese students were taken and tested by scientists in Beijing. Those who have the ‘singleton gene’ are 20 per cent more likely to be single than others. Apparently there are two different versions of the gene, the […]

National Fertility Week

This Week is “National Fertility Week” with Aisling O Loughlin and fertility specialist Dr Phil Boyle kicking of the first day by launching the website The Aim of Fertility Week is to raise awareness to the many reasons that couples struggle to conceive and ways of dealing with this sensitive subject. The website offers free […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th) The New Moon brings an excellent opportunity to take a romantic or business relationship to the next level. And if you’re signing deals or contracts at this time, you’ll get things off to a winning start. On the whole, the next week is a constructive week in which you’ll be eager […]

Motivation Monday: Tips on getting the most out of your week!

Feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated after an over-indulgent weekend? Here’s three tips for getting motivated this Monday thanks to Weight Watchers Ireland! When it comes to work: Get into the habit of finishing what you have started. It’s easy to become scattered when we’re trying to accomplish a task. Finish one before you start […]

Mental Health Awareness Week “What does dignity mean to you?”

  Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from the 5th to the 11th of October, and includes World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. The World Health Organisation’s theme for this year is ‘Dignity in Mental Health.’ Mental Health Ireland’s aim for the week is to start a conversation on the topic, asking the […]

Scientists discover easy new hangover cure we never even thought about

Good news for those of us who like to go out for a few quiet drinks on a Monday night that turns into seventeen cocktails, an impromptu karaoke session and waking up the next morning with a garlic-cheese-chip in your handbag and feeling like you’re dying inside. Actual scientists have figured out that if you […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th) Your need to get a certain person to see how much you care for them. Some could see you acting in a way which others may describe, as scatty and unpredictable. Try to calm down and count to ten if you can Aries, as that’s what will get you the reaction […]

Event: The Life You Want With Maura Derrane, Aisling O’ Loughlin plus RSVP Magazine

Fancy an Inspirational and fun packed day with Maura Derrane and Aisling O’ Loughlin, health and fitness experts plus Weight Watchers and RSVP Magazine? What’s On: Maura Derrane will host masterclasses and discussions on parenting with Xpose’s Aisling O’ Loughlin, Autumn /Winter ‘15 Fashion Show with Debenhams, make-up masterclass with Benefit, cooking demonstrations with, health, wellness […]