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The 7 Little Feckers of Menopause

It’s costing companies a fortune. Women are quitting work over it. Guys joke about it. What’s going on? Could you be doing the menopause thing?  It has a habit of creeping up on you, somewhere between the ages of 48-52. Let me introduce you. These li’l guys are dying to meet you. I call them Droopy, […]

4 Life Hacks to Improve The Rest Of Your Day

1. Make Your Bed Make your bed before you leave the house and you can start your day with the buzz of a small accomplishment. Plus it’s always nice not to have to make your bed right before you’re going to sleep.   2. Don’t Drink Your Coffee or Tea Straight Away Scientists have discovered […]

What do you know about names and how they affect you?

The guessing has begun and the bets are on for the new Royal baby name. What is it that makes your name so special? Find out why names matter. Your name has a special magic for you – the very sound of it is music to your ears. Whispered by your mother, murmured by a […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Deborah R

Aries  Get ready! Fun and fortune could be yours this week. Your desire for something different could entice you to move in new circles midweek. The chance to meet with people who are truly on your wavelength could be positively heartwarming.Taurus Expect the unexpected, especially if you’ve been quietly hoping for a minor miracle.Your intuition […]

National Pyjama Day in aid of Irish Autism Action

Today is National Pyjama Day and it will see nearly 60,000 children and 15,000 childhood teachers get sponsorship to wear thier PJs into preschools & crèches in aid of Irish Autism Action across the country. 2015 marks the beginning of Early Childhood Ireland’s partnership with Irish Autism Action and they hope that National Pyjama day will […]

10 Things That Will Improve Your Relationship

To be in a good relationship you need to learn to do certain things for and your partner. See ten things that will ensure a good relationship below: Misunderstandings are inevitable Misunderstandings will always happen. But when they do, don’t punish your partner. Let it go. Rather than getting frustrated with your partner forgive them […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Deborah R

Aries  Giving in to sensual delights is possible, although you’d be better off channeling your energies into constructive projects. In fact, you get a chance to do just that from Tuesday on, when your focus will be stronger and you’ll be more determined to succeed. You will be in a natural phase in which it […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries Your home zone gets a visit from Venus this week, and she brings opportunities for entertainment and a chance to beautify your surroundings. This is your opportunity to clear the air, clear out clutter, and make space for yourself and your family to flourish.This months moon is the snow moon so that’s why you […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries  You may be inclined to drift and dream as Venus moves into Pisces. This is a great time to get inspiration from meditation and nighttime dreams. It’s also an opportunity to get in touch with yourself and recharge your batteries. Even though you may have delays or a minor conflict to deal with, your […]

BLOG:10 things seriously sane people never do

Sometimes, when life chucks it’s worst at you, holding onto a sense of sanity is hard. Why do some people thrive when others go under? Naturally, I mean ‘sanity’ in the broadest sense!   10 things seriously sane people never do 1. Beat themselves up. When s**t happens these folk deal with it.  No avoidance. […]

Father releases video talking about daughter’s bullying

A father was left shocked and disgusted after he found out that his daughter was being bullied over Christmas. The man in question , Brad Knudson lives in Minnesota with his adopted African american daughter. He has gone viral this week after he released an emotional video where he discusses his daughters bullying and her bullies. In […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries Mars, your personal planet, glides into Pisces and your spiritual sector this week. It might be hard to get motivated. Try not to worry if it feels like you’re treading water. You’re moving through a phase when you don’t have control over everything going on around you. You’ll also realize that life is an […]

Blog: Beat The Monday Blues: 7 Ways To Enjoy January

Waistlines and budgets got stretched to the limit over Christmas, but there’s no reason to loathe January. Here are my favorite 7 ways of enjoying a long month. Mindfulness offers surprisingly familiar ways of living well.   1. Say thank you for your gifts. Gratitude does wonders for your mood. Far too many windowed envelopes […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries You’ll start this week feeling passionate about your goals and plans for the future, so go with that feeling. This kind of energy gives you the right attitude to make a success of things. In addition, knowing the right people and connecting with the right groups can help your cause immeasurably. Put some time […]

Horoscope Predictions for 2015 With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries 2015 will be full of new energy. Your dreams & goal will start to take shape. But in order achieve them fully you will need to put a little more effort into everything that you want to achieve. Career wise everything will look good but you need to really ‘UP’ your game by mid […]

Top Tips to survive party season

  Your Christmas holidays inevitably means more eating, more drinking and more partying. Twice the amount may mean twice the fun, but burning the candle at both ends may mean you crash and burn before the festivities are out. Everything in Moderation Christmas is all about the excess, TV, sweets, dinners, drinks, parties. As fun as […]

Sleep out 2014- The most worthwhile cause you will see this week

  Sleep – Out 2014 kicked off today outside the Bank of Ireland on College Green and in front of the GPO on O’Connell street in Dublin. Now in its 30th year, the annual sleep out is run by Belvedere College to help raise awareness about the ever growing problem of homelessness in our country. […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries Your focus shifts to career goals and ambitions. Get advice, update your resume, and prepare for interviews. You may grumble that you have to jump through hoops to get a job or impress a boss or superior. For now, though, find other ways to express your individuality rather than risk jeopardizing your image. The […]

Mood Boosting Foods To Beat The Winter Blues

Let’s face it, outside of the festive gaiety we can all feel a little lacklustre between the cold and dark. This leads to comfort eating, which leads to, well more blues! However, we’ve rounded up the perfect treat food that will satisfy your winter cravings and also enhance your mood. So happy munching! Wine Tis […]