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I’m a Celebrity Winner, Foggy beat depression to enter the jungle. Society as a whole is dealing with demons and it is being revealed as the curse of the celebrity classes. RSVP recently covered the story on The Voice of Ireland Coach, Bressie, and his ongoing battle with the illness: Suffering from depression for […]

Blog: 10 Ways to Freedom from Panic Attacks

When panic attacks, a cascade of fear crushes rational thought. It’s hard to understand the misery, fear and secrecy underpinning a common anxiety disorder which can strike without warning. What are Panic Attacks? Orla, a bubbly 43-year- teacher and mum-of-one, started avoiding shopping-malls. ‘My heart would start pounding, my mouth was dry and I couldn’t […]


Aries Get down to work early on and plan to cross off the biggest items on your to-do list. After that you’ll be less eager to tackle complex jobs that demand attention to detail. As Mars glides into your social sector you’ll be ready to join in the festive fun. This is your opportunity to […]

And The Biggest Life Regret Is….

A new study has revealed people’s biggest life regrets, with marrying the wrong person and not seeing enough of the world topping the list. Despite so many of the respondents being unhappy with their choice the first time around, one in 10 went on to say that “falling in love again” was on their bucket […]

Blog: Christmas Party Fails

What can you say to your sister, friend or workmate who is trying to get pregnant?  Maybe it’s not as hard as you think. Here’s how you can avoid some of the pitfalls and show you care as the party season approaches.  In case you think I have the perfect words to say, let me […]

5 Songs To Ease You Into Monday Morning

You wake up. You’re cocooned in the folds of a warm duvet, snug as a bug. The pitter-patter of raindrops of your windowpane makes you borrow deeper to your cosy haven, happy that you’re not out in the elements. You’re happy. And then… The alarm. It rips through the room like a firework and shatters […]


  Aries Although you’ll be busy with career and financial matters, your heart may be aligned with more carefree pursuits. Thoughts of travel, love adventures, new beginnings, and sunny vacations could encourage you to research your options. Meanwhile, Mercury’s move into Sagittarius may set you thinking about study and the benefits of adding to your […]

Blog: 10 Ways to Survive a Breakup

It’s the season of Christmas parties, new romance and gifts of sparkling jewels. #MontyThePenguin is headed to forever bliss, but the festive season puts a strain on relationships. My 10 ways to survive breakup help clients find love again. Laura and Mick spent 3 happy years together…’Going nowhere fast,’ as she put it. Reluctantly, Laura […]

Blog: Manage stress, reduce anxiety and cope with a busy life

It’s pouring rain, you’re up against a deadline and in truth, your bum is big in all your clothes. While you can’t control everything in your life, you can do a lot to boost your mood. According to  psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of ‘The How of Happiness,’  up to 40% of our happiness is […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Deborah R Nov 14 – 21 2014

Aries  This week you might feel empowered to take action on a goal or plan that’s important to you. Even though a Mars/Uranus connection suggests a part of you may rebel against additional responsibility, you’ll need to factor this into the equation in order to succeed. Along with this, a dip in energy could temporarily […]

Blog: The Power of Sleep … Why Sleep Matters

Did you sleep well last night – a full nights’ zeds waking clear headed and focussed? Sleep is more important for your health than you think! When you are getting enough of it you feel on top of the world.  Too little and you notice the effects immediately, as do those around you!  Then you […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

  Aries If it weren’t for Mercury in Libra helping you maintain your equilibrium, you might find the week ahead rather unsettling. You seem determined to succeed at an important career goal, so much so that you might be willing to step on another’s toes to get there. Although playful romantic opportunities show up, you […]

5 tips to boost your body confidence

Insecurity is something we’re all familiar with it. But a lack of body confidence can have a big impact on our lives so below are 5 tips to boost body confidence Stop the “Fat” Talk When talking amongst friends, rather than spending much time talking about our pluses we often focus on our flaws. Once one […]

Blog: Is the Chilling Reality of Egg Freezing Worth it?

National Infertility Awareness Week  UK, Oct 27- Nov 2, did exactly what it says on the tin: ‘Raising awareness of infertility and encouraging understanding of reproductive health.’ The hot topic this year is egg-freezing. Apple and Facebook dropped the latest infertility bombshell earlier this month by offering egg freezing to employees. This got people talking. […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Deborah R

Aries  Your dream life could be vivid and seductive on Monday, so it might be worth making a note of the ones that grab your interest. Dreams of romance might haunt you too, with a few fantasies that may not be easily dismissed. Romance could be all consuming, with a tendency to be possessive. If you […]

Blog: Male Infertility – Should Men Come First?

Male factor infertility is the sole cause in up to 40% of infertility according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Are we over-focusing on women’s bodies before exploring male fertility issues – forgetting how simple it is to boost male fertility? Male Infertility – Should Men Come First? The emphasis on women’s bodies in […]

5 Ways To Slow Down The Ageing Process

In no particular order, here are 5 ways to slow down the ageing process.   Forget About Cutting Fat Out of your Diet Isn’t it funny how everything has been ‘low fat’ for years now, yet when you look around we’re all fatter, sicker and more addicted to junk food than ever before? There is […]

Blog: Hanging with a Hangover?

We’ve all been there: waking up with a sluggish feeling, throbbing headache, inability to concentrate, dry mouth, slightly edgy, a little jittery and a dodgy stomach. After all them Diageo drink sensibly ads we really outta know better! For whatever reason we sometimes let the night get the better of us and go a little […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries You’ll enjoy the week ahead because it brings a chance to relax and assess your progress regarding a key relationship. If last week brought a few changes, you now get the chance to consolidate your affairs and reflect on what’s best for you. However, there’s also a fun aspect to the week that’s great […]

Uncovered: How best to deal with anxiety and stress

  Anxiety & Stress Q&A Martin Styles of Riverside Hypnotherapy clinic in Cork talks anxiety, stress, the causes and solutions. What causes anxiety and stress? Anxiety symptoms are caused by the “fight or flight hormone”, adrenaline, which is naturally released by the body when a threat is seen or imagined. Normally this is only for […]