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Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Event To Be Held Tomorrow

Tomorrow is National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day. BRA Day is a global movement, and it exists to “promote education, awareness and access for women who may wish to consider post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.” To mark the occasion, Beautiful A.B.C are hosting a patient information evening in St Vincent’s Private Hospital, tomorrow evening (Wednesday the 15th […]

Blog: 5 Easy Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Has your life become a bit too predictable? Maybe it’s time for some life tweaking short-cuts to help you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how complicated your life seems right now, a mini life audit can be a real eye-opener. How many hats do you wear? It’s all […]

Weekly Horoscopes With Celebrity Psychic Deborah R

Aries  You may have to train yourself to stay on an even keel this week, a chore made even more difficult because of the edgy aspects and a Lunar Eclipse in your sign. A relationship issue could flare up, causing you to react on the spur of the moment. If you can keep you cool, […]

Five Habits For A Hot Relationship

Touch everyday Make a conscious effort to touch each other every day, whether that’s a quick kiss, a hug or a cheeky slap on the bum on their way out the door. Be forgiving One of the most crucial factors to keeping the spark alive is forgiveness. Where there is resentment passion will not follow. […]

Blog: Is Stress killing your man?

Do men need the love of a good woman? It may help them live longer. New research claims that men need to get to grips with life’s hassles and who better to help than a serene, multi-tasking woman? Men just aren’t good at managing the stress in their lives.  Men who are  easily distressed are […]

Celebrity Psychic Searches For Ireland’s Most Haunted Home

Do you feel there’s something ‘Strange’ going on in your home? Are you living in a haunted house? Well our resident celebrity psychic Deborah R might be able to help! She is currently seeking to investigate and cleanse a house this Halloween. She gives us the full details below: How you know your home ‘maybe’ haunted: 1: […]

Blog: All you Need To Know About Kissing

There is much more to kissing than meets the lips!  You know that magic feeling as lips meet, eyes close and the world simply fades away while you bliss out together, the stuff of songs, poems and movies? Totally hypnotic.  First kisses are remembered vividly whether sublime or simply spitty, and can move a relationship wordlessly from tentative […]

Fifi Geldof Opens Up About Her 20 Year Battle With Depression

Bob Geldof’s oldest daughter, Fifi, is rarely seen in the public eye in comparison to some of her more well known family members. But the 31-year-old has chosen to speak about her shocking 20 year battle with depression following the untimely death of Robin Williams. Fifi recalled first battling depression at the tender age of […]

10 Things No One Tells You About Moving In With Your Other Half

  Deciding to move in with your partner is a big step. It can be a big change especially if you’re used to living with friends or alone. Last year I swapped girly living for sharing with a boy and had to make some serious adjustments I had not envisioned! So here our top ten […]

Chart: When Does A Woman Owe You Sex?

You may remember the sex chart that became famous earlier in the week, you can read more about it here. Basically, a wife became offended when her husband sent her a chart of all the times she denied him sex, along with her excuses. Most found it entertaining (some of her reasons included the show […]

Opinion: Why Cheryl Was Right To Take Her Husband’s Name

The world has been buzzing about Cheryl’s marriage all week but aside from her whirlwind marriage one of the hottest topics of debate has been her decision to take her husband’s name. Everyone has something to say about it and for the most part it’s not complimentary. Cheryl’s decision to take her husband’s name has […]

This Is How You Ask For A Threesome on Tinder

Is there ever a good way to ask for a threesome? Who knows, but we’re guessing this is pretty damn close. Keep it casual, throw in a few fun looking dinosaur cartoons, reveal your hard limits (in this case if you can’t make tea – you’re out) and most importantly – be up front. There’s […]

Five Signs Your Partner Is Lying To You

There are often subtle hints that your other half isn’t being entirely honest with you. Below are five of the most common signs your partner is lying: They Sound Funny When telling a lie a person typically alters their speech rates within one sentence.  For example they might begin to speak slowly, as they figure […]

9 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Think you’ve found “the one”? Love and relationship experts have identified the telltale signs to identify whether he really is! You communicate without speaking You can read each other sometimes without words. According to a clinical psychologist and relationship expert soulmates “connect fervently on every level of being,” this can include not needing words to […]

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Hugging More

Nothing makes you feel more cosy, safe and loved than a good hug. But it turns out there are some definite benefits to cuddles whether between friends, family or lovers so read on and get hugging! They make you feel good Yes we know hugs feel good, but did you know they actually make you […]


  When it comes to sex there are so many myths out there that it all gets a little confusing at times. Let’s take a few of the most commonly heard ones and break them down to get to the bottom of things. You often hear things being said like: “Men think about sex every […]

Celebrity Psychic Deborah R On Messages From The Other Side

Like me, many believe in an afterlife; a place where good souls/loved ones reside amongst others in joy and harmony, waiting to greet us one day. Some like to call this place ‘Heaven’ other religions or cultures have various other titles for this beautifully divine place. When we experience a departing of a loved one, […]

Celebrity Psychic Deborah R On How To Recognise An ‘Earth Angel’

What is an Earth Angel? I’m a true believer in angels because I believe they have at certain times guided or protected me in various situations in my life. Many others like me believe in angels and guardian angels too, but I also believe in ‘Earth Angels’. Earth Angels come in human form; they live […]