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Fat Loss Failures Part 2

You’ve never tried interval sprints. Someone who eats 2,000 calories of junk food a day is going to look and feel very different to someone who eats the same amount of calories from a clean whole foods diet. This everyone can agree on but why is it that we don’t use the same logic when […]

“A large glass of wine is like three shots of vodka”

  “A large glass of wine is like three shots of vodka” this is according to the head of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie. So, those four glasses of Chianti or the bottle of sauvignon Blanc you drank on Thursday evening after a long day at work would be similar to drinking 12 or more […]

WEEK 8: DROP A CLOTHES SIZE WITH BODYBYRNE -The importance of recovery and sleep

Week 8 – Recovery, sleep and eating out This week we are going to be talking about one of the most overlooked area’s of succeeding with your fitness goals, the importance of recovery and sleep. With our nutrition this week we will be chatting through some strategies that will help you enjoy eating out without […]

Week 7: DROP A CLOTHES WITH BODYBYRNE – Conditioning Workouts

Week 7 – How time flies, 6 weeks have flew in and by now you should be noticing some physical changes in your body for the better. You should be proud of yourself for putting in some serious effort to create those new good habits when it comes to your diet and exercise. In week […]

5 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy At All

  It’s all a myth! When eating well-or at least trying to, it can be often difficult to know for sure what is really healthy. Is ‘low fat’ really low fat? Packing on shop-bought foods can often be quite deceiving. Labels such as ‘sugar free’ and ‘reduced fat’ lead us to believe that we are […]


Congratulations we’ve reached the half way point to achieving our goals, this week we will focus on why we should do resistance training and also look at good versus bad fats. As a trainer at bodybyrne fitness, I constantly hear from women concerned that by doing resistance training and lifting weights that they’re going to […]

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Blog: Fat loss Failures, Part 1

Avoid the common dieting dilemmas and look fabulous and fit this Festive season! The countdown is on! Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life you need to avoid the common dieting pitfalls. We’ve all heard the not so helpful advice to ‘eat less and exercise […]

WEEK 4:Drop A Clothes Size With BodyByrne

I hope everyone’s training and eating regimes are going well over the past 3 weeks, this week we will be planning a workout that can be done at home so no excuses! With regards to food this week our focus will be on portion control. As we have mentioned previously consistency is key to achieving […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week 15

Week 15 – It is race week at last. In many ways the time has flown but when I think back to the day I signed up to run the Dublin city marathon a lot has changed between now and then, quoting my first blog “On the 27/6/2014 at roughly 11am, I insanely decided to […]

Week 3: Drop A Clothes Size With BodyByrne

Week 2 down now and as we enter into week 3 you should really start to feel the body changing, energy levels increasing, appetite feeling controlled and sugar cravings diminishing. We will kick off week 3 with a few points on the different benefits of strength training and cardiovascular training and why it’s important to […]

5 Healthy Food Swaps That Will Make The World of Difference

  Changing your diet takes time and perseverance. Don’t expect to overhaul your whole diet in one go and magically stick to it, it doesn’t work like that. Small changes over time will benefit you more than trying to change everything at once-you’ll definitely end up breaking it that way! Remember that simply opting for […]

Week 2: Drop a Clothes Size For With BodyByrne

Consistency in training This week we will kick off with training consistency and how it’s so important to achieving and enhancing your results. We sometimes tend to forget that training is something we do for life and not for the run up to an event like a wedding. A lot of where training consistency lies […]

Marathon Virgin – Week 13

Week 13 – I am done, burnt, I have hit my own personal wall. I ran 30k on Friday evening which is over 18 miles and I am not running any further until the actual day, the extra 8 miles will have to come from somewhere! Now I am going to start tapering, reducing my […]

WEEK 1:Drop a dress size with BodyByrne

  Finding time to train…. One of the main areas people seem to struggle with is finding the time to train, what is the answer to this? Quite simply, I think we have overestimated the time needed to train. If I told you that training for 20 minutes is every bit as beneficial as an hour […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week 12

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Week 12 – The next ten days are going to make or break me, I need to hit 33k, which is 20 miles, then I can start tapering back and try to prepare myself for the ‘big’ day which is approximately 27 days away. On […]

BLOG: Marathon Virgin – Week 11

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Week 11 – Hurrah, we are nearly there marathon runners, this is the tough part but soon, very soon, we shall start tapering down and then the big day will be upon us –  although I can’t wait for it to be over, I feel […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week 10

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Week 10, my confidence is back although my energy levels are at an all time low, I am solidly knackered. I had this romantic notion that I would look like a bottle of Evian, all bright and fresh, bouncing around, full of energy and fruit […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week 9

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Week 9, I was feeling under pressure last week as I had taken a two week holiday more or less but I think I am back in the game and if this week goes according to plan, I will be a happy camper. Last week […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week 8

  Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Week 8, the pressure is on, I have five weeks to reach my ‘peak’ (33k) and roughly eight weeks until the marathon, and admittedly, I am panicked, as my last two weeks have been awful, (I was on holidays last week) the week before […]