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BLOG: Marathon Virgin – Week 5

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. Last week I finished off my blog by telling you I had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina from Elverys power team @Elveryspowertm, along with giving me advice and some great gear, I am in love with my asics gels, they feel like they were moulded for my […]

BLOG:Marathon Virgin – Week Four

Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers, 83 days to go…. It is the beginning of week 5, I ran 15k this morning and considering it was a bank holiday Monday, I was happy, although my legs felt very tight (especially my right hamstring) I am going to have to work on […]

The Do’s & Don’t’s Of Fitness Nutrition

    So you’re eating clean & exercising regularly but you’re still not seeing changes in your body shape? Guess what? The macronutrient breakdown of your meals and the times at which you have them could be sabotaging your efforts. We want to use nutrition to help & not hinder our progress. If you’re not […]

Video: Mother Shows How To Workout With Your Baby

Finding the time to exercise with a small baby in tow can be difficult for most mothers. However young mother Criscilla Anderson has created the #FitMomMovement to encourage mothers with babies to find new ways to exercise. Below is video of how Criscilla finds fun ways to involve her baby in her workout.


  Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers. It is the beginning of week four, I ran 14K tonight and I am amazed at how quickly my fitness levels have improved in such a short space of time. I also think I am better at long distance running, these short burst of […]


Marathon Virgin – Week Two Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers, just in case anyone forgets or doesn’t realise the sheer madness of what I am doing. It is the beginning of week three, I ran 12k tonight, which I will discuss in next weeks blog, but I found it the […]

12 reasons why you’re not losing weight

  There’s more to effective, sustainable weight loss than the overly simplistic calories in verses calories out paradigm. We need to start thinking of our bodies as less like a bank account and more like a chemistry lab. Relying solely on diet & exercise isn’t ideal. It’s everything – it’s how our lifestyle & environment […]

Blog: Marathon Virgin – Week One

  On the 27/6/2014 at roughly 11am, I insanely decided to sign up for the Dublin city marathon, 26 miles and 385 yards, 42.195 kilometers, nice! In the past year, on average, I would run 3 miles, maybe twice a week, maybe not…..I totally understand why you are shaking your head at my innocence but […]

Personal Trainer Debbie O’Sullivan Talks Calories And Protein

  What is a calorie?  A calorie is a measure of energy. Each type of food group has a different total calorie per gram .  The functions of these food groups. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose,fructose and galactose. If you take in excessive quantities of carbs, your body will quickly and efficiently store this energy […]

Five Top Tips For An At Home Body Transformation.

Many of us are looking to make some sort of change to our bodies, especially for the Summer months. Lots of gyms and personal trainers offer people the option to do a ‘body transformation challenge’. These usually run for around six or eight weeks, and are a brilliant way to get your fitness and diet […]

Top 5 Tips To Help Beat Those Chocolate/Sugar Cravings

  1. Ensure your getting 6-8 hours sleep a night. This is vital. Who has reached for that chocolate bar during lunch when the energy levels have been on the floor?? Well your answer is to get more sleep. 2. Stay hydrated – drink a minimum of 2ltrs of water daily. We often tend to crave […]

The Bikini Program by PT Debbie O’Sulliavan

Its hard to believe summer is almost here so get your rear in gear and adapt these nutrition tips and bikini cardio plan into your day and enjoy the summer. Firstly we will look at nutrition, then we will focus on cardio, remember would you rather sweat at the gym or be covered with clothes […]

PHOTO: Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Tiny Waist In Latest Selfie

Now there’s a waistline we’d be proud to flaunt! Khloe has clearly been putting in some serious hours at the gym if this latest selfie is anything to go by, with her waist looking tiny and toned as she poses for a picture in the mirror. However, while her waistline is extremely slender, her bootylicious […]

20 Minute Interval Training Plan That Helps Burn Body Fat

Here is an interval training plan for all fitness levels to help increase the body’s fat burning ability. It is only 20 mins which makes it ideal for people with busy schedules. Bike 1. Level 8 30 seconds fast as you can 30 seconds slow pace or longer if you feel you need the recovery […]

15 Minute Home Workout

It is just not viable to get to the gym five days a week for some people but what if you could get a beneficial workout done in the comfort of your own home in 15 minutes? Try this the next time you have 15 minutes, set a timer on your phone counting down from […]

BLOG:Carbohydrate Confusion – Three Reasons To Eat Carbs

Carbohydrates are in foods such as bread, pasta,vegetables and grains . We need them for energy but if we don’t use them we will store them as fat. Remember, when choosing a carb try go for brown or wholegrain types . Sedentary people should have less carbs but if you train then you will need […]