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Top Three Tips To Get You Ready For Bikini Season

Top 3 tips to switch from your bodies current winter hibernation mode into the bikini ready beach bunny!!! 1. YoYo is a NoNo: Commit to your nutrition plan in the new year. Get the advice of a specialist in the area and be patient. Write out a plan of action for 12 weeks and don’t budge, yoyo dieting […]

BodyByrne’s Mark O’Reilly Gives Us His Top Tips On How to Boost Energy Levels 

It can be a vicious cycle we often see with clients, they feel tired, they drink coffee, they eat a biscuit, they then feel energised but soon crash and begin this pattern again!!! Sound familiar to anybody? Try these tips for sustained energy levels! 1. Don’t skip your breakfast! Take in something like a porridge first thing […]

Burn 100 Calories Fast

For a fast and furious workout that’s simply and effective . Why not try and complete 3 sets and burn more 300 calories . Remember to keep hydrated and warm up and cool down after you train. Simple knee raises, leg curls, side steps or step up and down on last step of your stairs . Keep moving […]

Exercises That Do Wonders For Your Cup Size

  Let’s face it, most women would like an uplifting improvement in our chest area. Apart from shelling out thousands of euro to enhance our chest and not to mention painful surgery, what are our optionsI hear you ask? Here is the answer, these 5 simple exercises will uplift your chest from all angles . […]

Reasons To join A Gym

The nation is busy taking on new fitness and health regimes. But how long will you last? Why will you give up? How will you feel when you stop both mentally and physically? Research has shown that people who train in a group environment are 70% more likely to sustain their training . So invest […]

How To Lose Weight, Tone Up and Get in Shape?

Just think of the word “diet” and you will instantly crave all those comfort foods that have helped you gain weight. Science has proven that when you are on a restricted calorie diet the urge to eat comfort foods is stronger than your willpower. WHY you might ask? To put it simply you are trying […]

BLOG:’Ditch The Booze And Get A Six Pack’ – Let’s Talk About Sex

So it is day seven and we are still on the dry, desperately trying to get ourselves back into shape after the festive period, hoovering multi-vitamins and juices into our systems in the hope that our liver will some day forgive the abuse, running to the gym just to get the extra workout and if […]

Blog:Ditch The Booze And Get A Six Pack

At the start of December I announced I was not going to drink for the month of January and here we are. A month may not seem like a long time to many people and sure January is always boring I hear you say, but in my world it only needs to be a mild […]


When time is short, you can rely on resistance bands to give those muscles a new and yes, equally though workout. The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means, your fitness routine will be out the window thanks to your busy schedule. Problem solved with this resistance band workout that will tighten […]

Sex As A Calorie Burner: The Myth Busted!

Although there is a common perception that a healthy sex life can lead to a great physique, a study has shown that this may not be the case after all. While many are under the impression that a bit of a fumble in the bedroom can burn up to 300 calories, biostatistician with the University […]

RSVP Take On Gaelforce – Warming Up and Cooling Down Tips

So there is less than five days to go or according to – 4 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 45 seconds – until Team RSVP take on Gaelforce 2013. There have been moments of panic amoung the group about the lack of training but we are all determined to get over the finish […]

RSVP Take On Gaelforce 2013

Before you all think we are extreme athletes or just plain crazy, Team RSVP are taking on the ‘Women adventure race’ in Connemara on the 27th of July, which consists of a 7.5k run, 15k cycle, 0.5k kayak, finishing up with a 0.5k run, rather than taking on Gaelforce West on the 17th of August, […]

A New Year, A New You!

A new year, a new you! Whether you made a resolution or not, RSVP is here to help you get back into shape after an indulgent Christmas. Each week we will have health and fitness blogs, food facts and fitness tips, but to kick start our healthy minds and bodies, we are creating a five […]

Day 30 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – The end

Day 30 of our 30 Day Challenge – the finale – the end. Hurrah. So how are we all feeling? Did the last few days, weeks even, prove to be a struggle or was the 30 day challenge a walk in the park for you? A regime that you are going to stick to for […]

Day 29 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Challenge Round Up

Day 29 of our 30 Day Challenge and it is time you all got ready to fly the nest, to leave the 30 day challenge behind you and go out into the world as toned, strong, healthy, focused, half starved individuals. Seriously, I really hope you take one, if not two, of the new habits […]