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Day 28 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – The Experts’ Opinion

Day 28 of our 30 Day Challenge, we are practically finished and hopefully feeling strong and focused. It will be a strange sensation waking up on Friday morning knowing you can eat and drink what you wish  – but will you do it? Today, we get advice from another expert, fitness guru, Tony Martin, who […]

Day 27 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Calorie Counting

Day 27 of our 30 day challenge – well done to all of you who have followed the programme so far – it is not easy to change habits or indeed create new ones. I hope you have found your own strengths and weaknesses over the last 27 days and that you realise anything is […]

Day 21 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Superfoods

Day 21 of our 30 day challenge – nine days left until we can eat a mars bar without a remorse of guilt, well – if you eat a full mars bar then you should feel slightly guilty, a mini- mars is fine. We have witnessed and over come two week-ends and a bank holiday […]

Day 16 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Reasons To Run

Day 16 of our 30 Day Challenge and carbohydrates in the evening have hopefully become a thing of the past.  At this stage in the game most of you will have given up or want to give up, the excitement has faded and as the winter evenings are getting colder and darker there is nothing […]

Day 14 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Georgina Ahern’s Advice

Day 14 of our 30 Day Challenge – we are nearly half way there folks. Hopefully some of you are contently stiff and sore after our latest circuit ‘Friday’ course. Today we get great tips from Mrs Westlife and mum of two Georgina Ahern; whose ‘Feel Good’ articles in RSVP’s magazine have educated our readers […]

Day 10 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Circuit Friday

It is Day Ten of our 30 Day Challenge and it is Circuit Friday – a new circuit course to keep everyone on the toes and to add variety to your workout routines. Reports from fellow challengers have been very positive with energy levels and adrenalin at an all time high but for those of […]

Day 9 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Fit Food Facts.

So it is day 9 of our 30 Day Challenge – new habits should be forming – an exercise routine should no longer be something you intend to create in the future – hopefully you are now more aware of what you are adding to your shopping list – and you should have had many […]

Day 8 – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – The Expert’s Opinion

Eric Higgins is not only a trained actor but is also the founder of Eric’s Nergize fitness, a newly formed business that specialises in 3 different fitness classes and in-home personal training. The classes on offer are Boot-camp, Kettlebell Pump and Combat conditioning. These classes offer huge benefits in fat loss, toning and overall fitness levels.  His […]

Day Seven- Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – The Benefits Of Spinning Classes

Spinning classes are without a doubt my favourite thing to do in the gym. You know when entering a class that you are going to get an insane, intensive workout, and that your training will be done and dusted in under an hour. So if you have the circuit course mastered and would like to […]

Day Six – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Tasty, Healthy Meals

So was the first weekend on the 30 Day Challenge a success or a disaster? Did you lose the gin and slim in favour of a large sauvignon blanc and then somehow find yourself queuing in Fat Toni’s at 3am for a battered sausage? Or maybe this weekend saw you sweating in the gym on […]

Day Three – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Training At Home.

Day Three of our 30 Day funtastic challenge and hopefully everyone is still focused and excited about looking amazing in that LBD at the Christmas party. Since I have answered the alcohol question, the next topic that is causing concern is exercise. Crazy and all as this may sound; there are people who not only […]

Day Two – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge. Can I Drink?

Day two of the 30 Day Challenge and the most frequently asked question thus far has been – What’s the deal with alcohol? Can I seriously not booze for 30 days? What am I allowed to drink? Alcohol really seems to be posing as the biggest worry with certain challengers, not the six days of […]

Day One – Jane’s 30 Day Challenge – Getting The Basics Right

And so it begins…..Day One of our 30 day challenge. The time will fly, habits will be changed, new habits will be created and a more structured, disciplined you will emerge.  This challenge is designed for everyone, I am not giving an expert’s opinion but I practise what I preach and this challenge has been […]

Introducing Jane’s 30 Day Challenge

As part of our efforts to get ready for the party season and fit into that LBD, RSVP has decided to start its month-long party perfect plan tomorrow. Join with us as we try to detox, shed some pounds and inches, and generally get ourselves in shape for the festivities that are approaching. And we’ll […]