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So, Apparently Pregnant Can Drink Alcohol

What now? According to new research which was released today, it seems that pregnant women can actually drink alcoholic beverages without harming their babies. The Irish Mirror reports that official guidelines were clarified last year advising women not to consume any alcohol at all, as soon as they know they are pregnant – but as […]

Diet drinks could increase your risk of a Stroke or Dementia significantly

Drinking one ‘diet’ or artificially sweetened drink a day could make you almost three times more likely to develop a stroke or dementia, a new survey has revealed. The seven year survey compared those who drank diet drinks everyday to those who drank artificially-sweetened drinks less than once a week. The new research appeared in […]

15 Minute Bodyweight Circuit To Help Get You In Shape For Summer

Here is a quick at home 15 minute workout to improve your body just in time for summer. All you need is your own bodyweight. All bodyweight performed in a circuit style, complete 5 circuits of these 5 exercises taking a 1 minute rest after each circuit is complete. 1.Squats 2. Lunges 10 each leg […]

Five Rarely Discussed Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

The most common way that conventional doctors look for breast cancer in women is to identify lumps in the breast. They most often do this with mammogram x-rays. This offer physicians a basic roadmap for navigating the terrain of breast tissue, which they believe allows them to pinpoint any lumps, masses, or other questionable abnormalities that […]


Irish radio broadcaster COLM HAYES gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime… FOOD DIARY: At the moment I’m trying to stick to a low carb diet and trying to get fit for the annual Cycle Against Suicide which begins on April 23rd […]

Kerry Katona undergoes fat reduction treatment

Kerry Katona undergoes fat reduction treatment, as she continues to transform her body. The mum-of-five today revealed the latest update from her makeover quest, a body contouring and skin firming Lipofirm Pro session. This comes after she had four and half litres of fat removed from her body last month and went from a dress […]

Five ‘Diet’ Foods That Make You Put Weight On

Have you been dieting and still struggling to see the results you want? Here are a few ‘diet’ foods you may be eating that are jeopardizing your efforts to slim down. Breakfast cereals Breakfast Cereals are one of the worst foods you can eat. They are loaded with sugar and filled with processed carbohydrates, that […]

Here’s some shocking facts that might help you to quit smoking

It’s no secret that smokes are no good for us, but sometimes we need a reminder of just how bad they are for us. If you’ve been trying to quit for some time now you may want to read this list. It’ll be sure to make you think long and hard about quitting. We’ve put […]

Here’s why you probably shouldn’t be eating protein bars

Protein bars have become a major fitness craze, but here’s why you probably shouldn’t be eating them, and how to choose the healthiest choice if you do. Up until now many people have reached for protein bars are a source of protein for their workouts, however, they may actually be causing you harm. While of course […]

The list Of Baby Names That Are Going Extinct

The list Of Baby Names That Are Going Extinct Online resource BabyCentre has put together a list of 36 names that are due to become extinct very soon if new parents don’t start calling their bundles of joy one of the following. Of course as the years go on some names are more popular that […]

How to combat bloating

As a woman it’s very common to suffer from bloating. That doesn’t mean that you have to just accept it as a fact as there are many ways to combat bloating. From your diet to exercise we have some simple tips to help your bloating and make you feel great again. It’s always important to […]


Beauty expert and TV presenter Triona McCarthy gives us a sneak peek into her refrigerator and tells us about her average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime… Food diary: Weight: 11.7 stone CLOTHES size: 14 Height: 5FT 6INS BREAKFAST: Today, I started with great intentions by having a black coffee and an apple. Then I […]

ON YOUR MARKS! VHI’s Women’s Mini Marathon Top Tips

The highly anticipated 2017 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon is now officially open for entries, with over 35,000 participants expected to walk, jog or run the 10K route through Dublin’s fair city on Monday, 5th June 2017. TOP TIPS To Successfully Complete A Marathon PREPARE: Train well for your distance goal, don’t just turn up on the […]