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The Top Five Diet Foods That Actually Make You Fat

Have you been dieting and still struggling to see the results you want? Here are a few ‘diet’ foods you may be eating that are jeopardizing your efforts to slim down. Breakfast Cereals Breakfast Cereals are one of the worst foods you can eat. They are loaded with sugar and filled with processed carbohydrates, that […]

These are 5 ‘Red Flag’ That Could Indicate Lung Cancer

With the cold weather setting in and the flu being a visitor to many Irish households, it is easy to brush what could be a serious illness off as lingering cough. It’s important to know that lung cancer was the third highest killer in 2012, killing 1,801 people- that’s 6% of all fatalities in Ireland […]

Have we found the cure for period pains, In CHOCOLATE?

It appears as though God has been listening to our monthly prayers! Although we may already be aware of Chocolates un-denying mood benefits, it seems as though it may have some health benefits as well! Happy Days Girls! The invention of a period pain relieving chocolate has apparently been invented!!   Swiss chocolatier Marc Widermer […]

5 Things Doctors Want You To Stop Doing To Your Lady Parts

Believing the “feminine hygiene” hype.  Step away from those products that promise to make your ladybits smell like a field of wildflowers. Feminine deodorant sprays can cause irritation or allergic reactions, and they can create an imbalance in the chemistry of the vagina and lead to higher rates of bacterial overgrowth or yeast overgrowth. Worrying about […]

Junior Einsteins – The Perfect After School Activity Or Camp For Your Science Loving Child #AD

Junior Einsteins Science club are an innovative initiative, passionate about bringing a love of science and learning to primary school aged children. They provide: Science Parties, After-School Science Clubs, Primary Science Workshops & TY/4th Year Workshops, Super Whole School Science Shows, Science Hallowe’en, Easter & Summer Camps, Science Corporate Events, and Science Family Events & […]

HEALTH NEWS:Do you have Seasonal blues? You’re not alone.

Do you have Seasonal blues? You’re not alone. Dr Mary Rogan, GP specialising in mental health, Co. Galway. And so it is that time of year again. We live in the northern hemisphere, on a small island on the north east periphery of Europe, which is rain lashed a good deal of the time, especially these […]

Have We Just Found The Cheapest Pharmacy In Ireland? #Steal

We tend to pay anything for our health but it is not always cheap but we have found a pharmacy that dispenses for less. All you need to know “At Pure pharmacy we are continuing our drive to lower prescription prices for all of our customers. Over the past six months we have welcomed new […]

Mr Ireland Darren King Talks About His Daily Diet And Exercise Regime

Stats Height – 6 foot 2 inches Weight – 13 stone Neck Size – 15.5 inches Chest size – 38 inches Waist – 31 inches Clothes Size – Large mostly, sometimes medium Daily Food Diary 7am – 6 egg whites and 1 yoke, handful of almonds and a cup of green tea 10am – 1 […]

Wellness Wednesday: 7 Ways To Beat Those Bad Food Cravings

Food cravings are the dieter’s worst enemy. They are intense or uncontrollable desires for specific foods, stronger than normal hunger and the types of foods that people crave are highly variable, but these are often processed junk foods that are high in sugar. Cravings are one of the biggest reasons why people have problems losing weight […]

Health: Having It All Except Happiness

Today’s generation have never had it better; we are living longer, are healthier and have more money. In many ways, we have everything previous generations could only have dreamed off. And yet, something doesn’t add up. Despite all the benefits we are reaping, mental health issues continue to escalate and the research indicates that our […]

Irish man loses 7st 10lbs with the Cambridge Weight Plan

Dropping big numbers on the scale is only the beginning of the benefits enjoyed by people who embark on successful weight loss journeys.  For many people losing weight isn’t just a way to boost their confidence and happiness, but is in fact crucial to living the life that their weight has prevented them from having […]

Fight the flu Juice Is Just What You Need Right Now

We are giving both of these a shot this week! Fight the flu juice Next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, hold off on the Lemsip and try this amazing immune boosting smoothie. Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C which increases our immune response. Honey and coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties and […]

Pippa O’Connor reveals how she keeps her family healthy

We may be increasingly concerned with our health, but new research has found that just 27% of us take nutritional supplements regularly. The research conducted by Sona, as part of the Future Proof Your Health campaign which was launched by Pippa O’Connor today, found that this was despite 40% of those asked being more worried […]

DENTAL TIPS: How To Achieve The Perfect Smile

Everyone knows the importance of a great smile, so it’s essential to know how to care for yours. We ask the best in the business across the country to share their top procedures for the perfect smile. Teeth Whitening Navan Dental If you are considering using a home teeth whitening kit, seek the advice of […]

Spice Up Your Life With These Insanely Good Sauces!

In 2010 a West Cork food manufacturing company decided to take their talents to the retail sector and created a range of fresh, chilled sauces called Insanely Good™.   After seeing countless sauces on our supermarket shelves filled with additives and fillers with fancy scientific names and few authentic ingredients, Tom and Denis of Spice […]

Our Brains Get Bigger Before Our Periods

Who knew? A part of the women’s brain gets bigger just before menstruation. For women, once a month our bodies decide to give us a good kicking and despite sore boobs, horrendous stomach cramps and spotty skin, we must soldier on as usual. There aren’t many upsides of your monthly period, especially as the lead up […]