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Parenting Blog: “Getting baby into a sleep routine”

Having trouble getting your baby into a sleep routine? Sylda Dwyer of Mind The Baby  is a a mum of Jonah, age 3 and she has some top tips. 1. In the first few weeks, the best thing you can do is go with your baby. 2. When they’re tiny, their needs are feeding, sleeping and cuddling […]

Aisling O’Loughlin: The Mother of all baby columns

In this months edition of RSVP, you can hear all about what Xposé presenter Aisling O Loughlin has to say about parenting and motherhood. First up, Aisling investigates the Danish perspectives on childcare and maternity/paternity leave. A nation renowned for their happy deposition, Aisling wants to see if this has anything to do with the […]

Parenting Blogs: How to deal with fussy eaters

Have you a fussy eater at home? Have you tried everything to get them to eat? Not sure what to do now? Well Sinead Fox of  Bumbles of Rice has some amazing tips for you. The mum of Ciarán (6); Cathal (4) and Laoise (19 months) knows how to deal with fussy eaters 1. If your […]

Breastfeeding Photo Causing Controversy

  Photographer Jade Beall’s beautiful picture of mothers breastfeeding their babies has caused controversy on Facebook this week and depressingly, has been branded  “disgusting” by some. When Jade posted the image to her Facebook page it had  thousands of likes and shares within hours, however she also received a flood of negative comments and messages […]

Beacon CARE Fertility: Helping Irish couples suffering with secondary infertility

According to Beacon CARE Fertility an Increasing number of Irish couples are suffering from secondary infertility According to Beacon CARE Fertility an increasing number of Irish couples are having difficulties conceiving a second or subsequent child, otherwise known as secondary infertility. Approximately one in seven couples encounter infertility, and secondary infertility is actually more common […]

Most Bizarre Celebrity baby names

For many things we look to celebrities for inspiration, be it style, make-up tips, diets or fitness plans, but there is one thing we should 100% never look at them for help: Baby names. It’s like these people suddenly became famous and decided that they now shall give their children the most ridiculous names on […]

Ouch! Woman In Colorado Gives Birth To Baby Weighing Over 13 Pounds

Alisha Hernandez of San Luis Valley, CO, was left very surprised after the daughter she had been expecting to arrive Thursday 5th December via C-section decided to make her debut in the world on Monday instead- weighing over 13 pounds 13 ounces with a length of 22 inches. Wow. Mia Yasmin Garcia weighs almost double […]

The Run up to Christmas: 5 Things Parents Know Too Well

Christmas, a wonderful time of year! Who doesn’t love it? Stressed out parents, that’s who! Here are five things parents will only know too well in the run up to Christmas. 1. ‘I want that, I want that’.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME a toy add comes on tele. No matter what it is, they want it! […]

8 things you’ll know if you’re the parent of a toddler

  Parents of toddler deserve a medal, or a spa break-that would be nice too! I’m yet to believe those crazy people who tell me it gets easier as time goes by-try telling me that as I’m picking a screaming and kicking two year old off the floor in Tesco! Here’s seven things only parents […]

5 Really Weird Celeb Parenting Trends

  So it seems that the old reliable ways of parenting just aren’t good enough for today’s celebs, then again who are we to judge. Apparently it’s no longer cool to use a naughty step, let your child chew their own food, or let them eat carbs. We picked out a few weird celeb parenting […]

Kate Middleton Steps Out With Hint Of A Baby Bump

Kate Middleton has stepped out looking as stylish as ever, giving us a glimpse of her pregnancy style. We think we spotted the hint of a baby bump, but she was certainly keeping it under wraps in an on-trend baby blue Matthew Williamson coat and Aquatalia boots. Kate visited Wales with husband William and looked […]

Kelly Clarkson Shares Adorable Baby Snap

  This photogenic little munchkin just melted our hearts. Kelly Clarkson shared a photo of her baby girl River Rose this week, and we just can’t get over the little cutie. Little River Rose is well wrapped up for winter and is rocking a very cool owl bib and cosy pink beanie hat in the […]

Amy Huberman Posts Hilarious Baby Bump Pics

Amy Huberman is definitely one of our favourite people on Twitter with her hilarious tweets, and the actress and author didn’t disappoint this week, posting a series of baby bump pics. She first lamented the eternal drudgery of taking make-up off at the end of the day (we’ve all been there)… but baby style. But […]

Karen Koster Looking Stunning at Seven Months Pregnant

That is the cutest baby bump we have ever seen! Mum-to-be Karen Koster was revealed as one of the new hosts of TV3’s Christmas Toy Show earlier this week and we can’t believe that she is seven months pregnant. The Xposé presenter was pictured with co-host of the event, Bryan McFadden and terrible twins Jedward […]

Five things no one told me about bringing a baby home from hospital

After 9 long months of pregnancy, you would think I would have been prepared to bring the baby home from hospital-and I thought I was. At last the time had come, and everything was ready to go. The Moses basket was beside the bed, ready to hold a screaming newborn. The buggy had been waiting […]

Dealing with ‘mommy’s guilt’

With the number of stay at home mum’s at an all-time low, it’s obvious that times have certainly changed. Almost half of mums nowadays go back to work when their baby is less than one year old, and many of them with conflicting emotions. When we give birth, society immediately places us into the ‘mummy’ […]

Decision time for Michelle Doherty’s baby son Max This Sunday

Baby Max, infant son of  former Xpose presenter Michelle Doherty and her partner Mark O’ Shea faces his first tough decision this coming weekend over who to support in the Donegal / Kerry All Ireland Final. Currently living in London where he was born on August 7 the tot will be forced to choose between […]

RSVP meets Aisling O’Loughlin And Family

Weeks after Aisling O’Loughlin’s new baby Louis arrived, she also got a second delivery. Her partner Nick with leukemia so acute that he needed immediate hospitalisation and chemotherapy. Life was certainly full on for the Xposé presenter with a brand new baby, her worries for Nick, plus a two-year-old toddler to deal with.  On the […]

Blog: Maternity Fashion Fixes for Mums-to-be and New Mums From Secret Fashion Fixes

  “This week we have a selection of Maternity Fashion Fixes for Mums-to-be and New Mums” Popper Stoppers €12.99 Popper Stoppers are used to cover belly buttons that go “pop” during pregnancy. Latex-free and medically approved, Popper Stoppers are the perfect choice to cover sensitive bellybuttons or protruding navels that can be seen through your […]